VIDEO: Hotel Evacuated After Meth Lab Discovered In Greenbrier

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VIDEO: According to authorities (based on a tip) a meth lab was discovered at the Deerfield Inn located at 2027 U.S. 41 inGreenbrier, TN around 4:30 p.m.  iPhone/iPad users click on photo(S) to play video


Our local hazmat expert indicated it was a “shake and bake” type of  lab according to Greenbrier Fire Chief Billy Wilson.

The Deerfield Inn is a smaller hotel and therefore the entire facility was evacuated immediately. The lab operator was nowhere to be found when authorities arrived. The room used was on the back side of the hotel which offered an easy escape route through an apartment complex behind the Inn.

IMG_9205Guests were starting to back up  on the road outside the hotel but officials indicate (now that the chemicals have been removed) the room must now be “cleaned”. It could be several hours,  perhaps later in the evening before guests will be able to get back to their rooms. Another thing delaying things was the Hazmat cleaning crew (Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force) was coming in from Cookeville,  Wilson said.

One guest told Smokey that he was sound asleep when he was awoken to a bang on the door “We evacuating the hotel”. He didn’t even have a chance to grab his cell phone, he said.


A cat was also found in the room  hiding under a bed Wilson said.

Responding to the incident was the Greenbrier Police & Fire Departments, Robertson County Sheriff’s Office, Robertson County E.M.A, and Robertson County E.M.S.


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  1. Turd Ferguson

    Smokey, you forgot a citation. Part of this article was plagiarized from here:

    Might at least want to give them credit. Also, it’s copyright infringement.

  2. Alice

    This is unreal, when I talk about our town to friends that live out of state it is nice to describe it as lazy and laid back with 2 stop lights, We have had a murder now a Meth lab, Please please help us PD, SD, and TBI I want that safe hometown feeling back, How can we help? What can we do ?

  3. Bettye

    I live in the apartments behind the motel. Great job letting us know you are looking out for all! NOT!!! No one said someone was seen running this way. BTW my door is always locked.

  4. Alisha

    Thanks for thinking of us over in the apartments that back up to the Deer Field Inn when you evacuated. Nice to know we are important! Btw the cooker was last seen running toward our apartments. Why isn’t anyone searching there. Come on over bc I would be more then happy to open my door for a search. Stupid crack heads need to move on out of our town!