Most Wanted Suspect Captured Within Minutes Of Post

4’11” Desiree Traughber 18 of Springfield was added to the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office Most DESIREEWanted list around noon today (Wednesday Feb 13). The sheriff’s department posted the information on their Facebook page and within minutes of the post a tip came in and they were able to arrest her. In fact by 2:00PM she was already in our RC jail. How’s that for speed.. Traughber is a suspect facing multiple charges including aggravated assault and aggravated robbery, see list below.

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Robertson County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page

Jim Ball reporting

Statute CodeDescriptionCourt Case NumberArrest Date/TimeBond Amount
37-01-156CONTRIBUTING TO DELINQUINCY OF MINOR12028602/13/2013 12:00


39-13-102AGGRAVATED ASSAULT12080102/13/2013 12:00


39-13-402AGGRAVATED ROBBERY12080202/13/2013 12:00


39-14-103THEFT OF PROPERTY12035602/13/2013 12:00


39-14-105THEFT12028402/13/2013 12:00


39-14-118FRAUDULENT USE OF CREDIT CARD …12028502/13/2013 12:00


39-17-418SIMPLE POSSESSION12080302/13/2013 12:00