Mother Of Two Dies In Freak Shower Accident

Smokey Barn News, Friday December 6th 2013 

Tragic accident Takes The Life Of  Mother Of Two In Springfield

morleyA tragic accident in a shower has taken the life of a mother of two; Michele Morley of Springfield Friday morning, she was just 37. A call came into 911 around 5AM Friday morning that a woman living on Batts Blvd in Springfield had fallen in the shower and somehow lost consciousness. She had been taking Dilantin for seizures and her family believes she must have had a seizure in the shower and somehow passed out. Michele fell in such a way that her hair clogged the drain and the water rose and unfortunately she drowned.

A detective was called to the scene but quickly ruled out foul play. The medical examiner found water in her lungs so the cause of death will be drowning. Chief David Thompson of the Springfield Police department said, “Her death is being classified as natural causes or accidental; no foul play is suspected”

Smokey did speak to Michele’s husband Dan at his home today, he is beside himself with grief.  Together they have two daughters,  11 and 17. The girls attend Cheatham Park elementary and Springfield high. As we spoke to Dan it was clear that he and the girls were living in  a kind of dream state as they try to come to grips with what has happened. Michele and Dan both started working at Electrolux just three weeks ago. Michele had just started as a stainless steel press operator and Dan is a forklift (towmotor) operator. They had worked for the company before but had moved to Ohio to help Michele’s mother after a back surgery.

They had a little trouble finding work in Ohio so they came back to Springfield together with the two girls. The Morley’s are all literally sleeping in one room at a friend’s house on Batts Blvd. in Springfield while they looked for their own place. Though the room was cozy and warm with a fireplace, the fact that they were all sleeping in the same room together will make it seem very cold tonight. The girls were home at the time of the accident but were kept in the back room while medics attempted CPR and finally removed her body. Needless to say, life for the Morley’s has been turned upside down.

She was discovered by a man who also lived in the home. He needed to use the restroom, she had been in there for a while so he knocked on the door,” Michele are you almost done, I need to get in there and use the bathroom.” But there was no answer. When he went in to check on her she was already unconscious.

Her husband Dan told Smokey, “She was my second half, she was everything I couldn’t be. I’m going to have to relearn how to take care of myself and two girls now too, she did everything, that was her.”

Dan went on to say that the girls were top on the list for Michele but she also loved 4×4’ing, and shopping for new purses. Dan said he is going to stay in Springfield but he has a few things to figure out, they did not have insurance.

She was a beautiful person, a sweetie pie, she loved life.  Most of the time Michele was happy unless you crossed her husband or her kids and then she was a little spit fire. She was spunky and lived and breathed for her babies, her little girls and mine as well,” said Karry Larsen, a close friend  from Springfield who also works at Electrolux. “She had a big heart and was always ready to give her jacket or money to anyone in need,” Larsen said.

The family also told Smokey that Michele hated having her picture taken so the one you see in this article is precious to the family.

If you would like to assist the family, donations can be made at any Austin & Bell Funeral Home in Robertson County under the name Michele Morley.

Michele’s parents are driving in from Ohio so we don’t have a date for services at the moment.  Austin & Bell have indicated that they will let us know as soon as a date is set.

Smokey would like to convey our deepest sympathy to the family of Michelle in what can only be a time of great sadness.

According to American Academy of Neurology’s website, the risk of drowning for people with epilepsy is 15 to 19 times higher compared with people in the general population.


Jim Ball reporting
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