Multi-Agency Task Force Sweeps Robertson County

Drug bust in Robertson County…Voter deadline banner ad 511

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Thursday July 3, 2014
Springfield, Robertson County, Tenn

Multi-Agency Task Force Sweeps Robertson County

Highland Rim 300 adMultiple individuals were arrested by a joint task force early Thursday morning as part of an illegal drug offender roundup and warrant sweep. These arrests were made as a result of a three-month joint operation conducted by the Springfield Police Department and the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office. The roundup was conducted with the assistance of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Marshals Service, and ATF.

The operation began in the early morning hours Thursday and lasted for approximately 5 hours as teams of law enforcement officers spread out across the City of Springfield and Robertson County to apprehend subjects at various locations. A total of 10 people were arrested with a total of 24 warrants

This is just the latest example of work being accomplished to help curb the violence associated with the illegal drug activity in our communities,” said Sheriff Bill Holt. “Your law enforcement agencies are united in our dedication to preserve the quality of life and make our cities and county a safe place to raise our children.”

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Latest Comments
  1. afootupyours

    We the citizens of Robertson county are fed up with those committing crimes in this our family orient city/ county.To those who are afraid of Polices, Polices are never to be feared if you are abiding by the Law of the land, if you are committing a crime you have every right to fear, because they are coming for you, bad boy… We say a special Thanks to all of our Officers for making us their fellow-citizens proud of them, and to their K9 partners, great job fido! Like weed killer, keep going with the roundup.

  2. mags

    While, yes, they are setting consequences for A crime, what about the bigger problems in springfield?? Its not JUST drug dealers killing people. Its not JUST drug dealers raping women or robbing people. What about the CROOKED officials (GREENBRIER!!!) that spend our tax dollars breaking the law, protecting “their own”, twisting investigations to cover up their dirt, intimidating and manipulating residents for their own gain,using their badges and power to keep residents quiet and under their thumb (pulling women over to HARASS them!!!) altering reports and even manipulating cps investigations with their best interests ONLY in mind. All while ON DUTY??? I know because it happened to me and my family and the officers bragged about the other women they put through the same thing and how it was swept under the rug and laughed about between them. Its sick. I moved my family far away because there are drug dealers everywhere but im not going to live in a town where im more afraid of the police harassing me than anyone else. How can anyone live in a town where the police are so corrupt that they only take things seriously if its exciting for them or they benefit from it??? How about use all that money and bring forces and spend tgree months investigate what the bigger problem is. How can u expect people to abide by the law when the ones supposed to enforcing those laws DONT?? m not sayin this gives anyone an excuse or free pass but if u want to clean up robertson county, it needs to start at the core of the corruption.

  3. bill

    Its not a political motivation as some of you may think sheriff holt is running uncontested so he’s automatically re elected its a job that they do regardless of how you feel 10 arrests are not even a drop in the bucket but that’s 10 less that we have to worry about. But it’s a misnomer as long as its not in my back yard. Keep up the good work and happy birthday America

  4. Julia

    How many of these were crack, heroin, meth, or cocaine related? I have a good mind that a majority were actually marijuana busts.

  5. Cheryl

    Sheriff Bill Holt has nothing to do with the City of Springfield. FYI, he is the Sheriff of Robertson County and a good one at that! It seems many making comments have not a clue nor know what they are talking about but seem rather nervous. Most upstanding citizens would be proud of their work of protecting citizens of Robertson County! I say thank you to all involved for a job well done. To all those little shook up and nervous, not hard to figure out the problem…….

  6. Debbie