New Cigar Lounge in White House is a hit…..

Rick’s Cigar Lounge In White House – A News Business Spotlight

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – What do you get when you combine a hundred year old barn, a famous stage, cigars from all over the world and conversation? ​​​​​​​

Rick’s Cigar Lounge​ in White House Tennessee. If you think a cigar is better with stimulating conversation, then you’ll likely be a fan of ​​Rick’s Cigar Lounge​.​

Located on Edenway Drive in White House MAP ​Rick’s Cigar Lounge offers plush seating, good coffee, free wi-fi, TVs​,​ music, fellowship​ and of course cigars​​.​ ​

In town for five years ​founder Rick ​Sturgis still didn’t know anyone so he decided to do something about it. Sturgis told Smokey Barn News that the idea was to offer something that might bring the community together.

Smokey Barn News was invited inside ​Rick’s Cigar Lounge for a full tour of a business that seems perfect for a county famous for tobacco.

Smokey Barn News (Sponsor/Advertisement) 

Smokey Barn News (Sponsor/Advertisement) 

Smokey Barn News (Sponsor/Advertisement) 

Smokey Barn News (Sponsor/Advertisement) 

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