New Skatepark Opens In Springfield’s Garner St Park

New Skatepark Opens In Springfield’s Garner St Park

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – The brainchild of Margot Fosnes and the local Kiwanis club about six years ago, Springfield’s highly anticipated skatepark is officially open.

The skatepark is located off Garner St inside the Garner St Park situated in the heart of Springfield’s historic district. MAP

The new cleverly designed skatepark, which took about two months to complete, offers something for every level of skateboarder as well as inline or quad skaters. Open for just a few days, reviews on the park are strong. Skateboarders Brian Haskell, Cole Cory, and Jamie Maynard all gave the park a thumbs up.

According to Springfield Parks and Recreation Director Terry Martin, $166,000 of the park’s roughly $220,000 price tag came from the Kiwanis Club. Another 53.9k came from the city of Springfield, while architectural and ground improvements were donated by local businesses.

The builder of the concrete portion of the 6000-square-foot skatepark was Hunger Skate Park. The very clever one-of-a-kind wave design with chain simulating white water in a wave tunnel was hand-crafted by Adam Heffner from Maker Table in Springfield. Martin estimates that Heffner has 30k in time and materials invested in park design elements of the skatepark. Other ground improvements sidewalk and a portion of the sod (as well as new signage) were done by the Springfield Parks Department. Vulcan Materials in Springfield donated the crusher run,  A&W Sod donated half of the sod and Thompson Machinery donated the use of a backhoe.

The park is also designed with expansion in mind. Martin says the sodded area between the skatepark and the wooded area leaves room to expand in the future.

“The new skatepark provides a designated location where the community can enjoy skating without automotive or pedestrian traffic,” said Terry Martin, Springfield Parks & Recreation Director. “We can’t thank the Kiwanis Club of Springfield enough for everything they’ve done to make this happen.”

Following the grand opening, the new skatepark will be accessible to the public during park hours. This project coincides with multiple planned upgrades to Garner Street Park which include the construction of a brand-new, ADA-compliant playground, the installation of two pickleball courts, and renovations to the restroom facilities.

The new skatepark’s grand opening is this Friday, March 8 at 4:00 p.m. on Friday.

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