No Jail Time For Greenbrier Mayor Billy Wilson

The Greenbrier Board of Mayor and Alderman met Monday evening…
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No Jail Time For Greenbrier Mayor Billy Wilson 

Billy WilsonBilly Wilson, Mayor of Greenbrier, will avoid jail in a plea deal Friday morning. Wilson pled guilty to “official misconduct” at a settlement hearing in a deal that will spare him any jail time, the theft count was dismissed.

Wilson had been indicted by the Robertson County Grand Jury for allegedly using $60,000 in funds delegated for the GreenRidge Toys For Tots program for personal gain.

Wilson will have to repay the missing money, $30,000 and will be on probation for one year. Wilson will also be stepping down as the Mayor of Greenbrier, a sad turn of events for the embattled Mayor who fought so hard to retain his position in Greenbrier, a city that clearly decided to stand behind him. At last count, a Facebook page called “Support Greenbrier Mayor Billy Wilson” had over 600 fans.

The GreenRidge Toys For Tots program is a charity Wilson founded. To paraphrase, Wilson indicated that he allowed his personal finances to intertwine with charity funds.

Wilson has been the mayor of Greenbrier since 2004


 Smokey Barn News January 6, 2014 Greenbrier, Tenn.

Greenbrier Board Confirms Vote To Transfer Mayoral Powers To Vice Mayor

Jewell 300The Greenbrier Board of Mayor and Alderman met Monday evening to confirm the  second and final reading of the ordinance to transfer mayoral powers from Greenbrier Mayor Billy Wilson to Vice mayor Bonnette Dawson.

Members of  The Board of Mayor and Aldermen for the city of Greenbrier made it clear in last months  meeting that they would like Mayor Wilson to step aside as both mayor and fire chief with a presentation of two measures, at least until the disposition of his case. Wilson has been indicted by the TBI for allegedly using $60,000 in funds delegated for a Toys For Tots program for personal gain. MORE


Greenbrier Board Confirms Vote To Transfer Mayoral Powers To Vice Mayor

VIDEO: Billy Wilson Still Mayor Of Greenbrier After Board Meeting

Greenbrier Mayor Billy Wilson Asked To Step Down By Board

Greenbrier Mayor Billy Wilson Indicted On Alleged Theft Charges

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Latest Comments
  1. Jack

    I was looking back on this, and all of you are correct: This is a travesty of justice – rather this is “injustice.” Someone should SUE ROBERTSON COUNTY ADMINISTRATORS FOR *NOT* DOING THEIR JOB! At least 3 years of jail would have been called for – AND pay back the FULL amount of what he stole! What are the rules for “recall of public officials” in Robertson County?
    Oh, he KNEW what he was doing! That was clear when he “admitted” to “Oh, I let the fund ‘mingle together’ between my account and the Toys for Tots account.” The thing is – he is NOT “poor” and had no need to do that! Unless he got in bad gambling debt or 2nd-mortgaged his big-ass house that is on the ‘historical register’ and ‘historical tour of homes.’ And those are NOT reasons – 2nd mortgage or Gambling debt – does NOT excuse a person for STEALING FROM ‘POOR’ KIDS!

    Overall, he’s not a bad person, but in this “specific” incident – there is NO excuse for his actions – NONE! It wasn’t a mistake. ANY charity, if done properly, *REQUIRES* (by “law”) to have a “separate account setup for funds.” Clearly, sounds like he also broke THAT law – which probably is a misdemeanor, but should be a felony, especially in this case. I tried to set up a charity for my best friend with Parkinson’s disease; but the bank and so forth said that I was REQUIRED to setup a separate account, only in the name of the charity, listing specified “signatories” (people who could withdraw funds). Just makes me sick that he did not get any ‘real’ punishment. Like you folks said, if it was a “regular joe” like you and me, then they would “throw the book at us,” with jail time plus fine!

  2. Springfield

    Is this the same District Attorney that took a bag of pot from evidence and smoked it up at his camp. I mean threw it in the fire LOL
    What a punch of crooks

  3. Whata Joke

    Wheres his supporters now? Lol

  4. rb

    How does this get justified? If we did the same thing we wouldn’t get the same deal. How can u face your family, friends and neighbors? Guess he fooled a lot of people and those same people would enable him to do all over again. Shame on all those who aided.

  5. Dorothy Wingard

    Well, sounds like crime pays pretty good for this degenerate. Let’s see, $60,000 allegedly stolen and has to pay back $30,000. What is fair about that? Just because he can fool people into supporting him, and believing in his goodness, doesn’t make him innocent. It makes him a good liar as well as a thief.

  6. How Much $$$

    I take it this is the money they can prove he took and does not include all the cash money he probably siphoned off before funds were deposited with the bank. I saw him runnning around getting the beggars to empty thier coin buckets into his bucket. I wonder if all that money made it to the bank given he was paying his personal bills out of the charity check book. I guess only Billy and God will know exactly what he took. If he does not repent there is a good chance he will burn in hell over what he has done.

  7. New Town Hustle

    One year unsuperived probation? You have got to be kidding me. No public service. This is not equal treatment as to what would be done to any other person who would commit a much less significant theft(black, mexican or poor white trash) who would go to prison for stealing this kind of money from a charity for poor kids. His charges carrried a minimum of 8 years if convicted, and they only gave him one year. And guess what Double Jeopardy has kicked in and if and when they determine how much he took they cannot charge him again. This is an unbeleivable deal for the crook Billy Wilson. Someone over the toys for tots needs to file a civil suit to recover the remaining funds from him since he coughed up that 30k on such short notice. Our District Attorney took just a part of the ill gotten money (30K) as though somehow that is punishment or justice. HUM, I WONDER WHERE THE MONEY CAME FROM? This guy should have went to prison and been on the side of the road picking up garbage with all the other thieves and criminals. He stole donations intended for children. I undertand the city needs to get this over with, but give me a break. I bet he gets his record expunged in another ten years and he will be back again.

    • R Harris

      I agree. $30,000 and one year of probation is a JOKE!!!! If I had stolen that money donated for needy children, I would have been sent to prison!!!!! Just one more slap in the face by “the good old boys” system of justice in Robertson County.

  8. Michael Carter

    Why would anyone want to support this scumbag? He clearly got off easy. He has had the elderly citizens of Greenbrier brainwashed for years. Id like too see how many of those 600 followers are elderly.