Officials: “It Was Not A Tornado”

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Funnel cloud in Robertson County over Springfield

Officials: “It Was Not A Tornado”

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – According to officials with the National Weather Service, the funnel cloud hovering around the Springfield area this afternoon was in fact not a tornado.

Smokey Barn News spoke with the Emergency Management Agency Director R.L. Douglas, “It was not a tornado, it may have looked like a tornado but it had no power and there are no reports of damage anywhere in the county.”

After receiving many reports about a funnel looking cloud, Springfield set off their tornado sirens.

Though it was very exciting for a few minutes, from what we can gather (whatever it was) it will likely be classified as a “Landspout” which is much weaker and generally smaller than a tornado. “This one lacked the ingredients to be a tornado,” Douglas said. More on Landspouts.

The first siting of “it” was near Cave Spring Springs Rd around 5:pm and the sightings lasted for about 15 minutes. MAP It was seen by residents all over Coopertown Springfield and Greenbrier.

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The leader photo above was taken by Tristin Nicole Burney.

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