One Year After Fatal Crash, A Letter To “Momma”

  I miss you and love you very much, and here is a poem I wrote for you.Letter to Mama slider b
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Friday, June 13, 2014
Greenbrier, Robertson County, Tenn.

One Year After Fatal Crash, A Letter To “Momma”

famIt’s been one year since Candice Goodwin, mother of three from Greenbrier died in a tragic auto accident, she was just 30 years old. Candice’s oldest daughter Brooklynn is old enough to remember that day and she still thinks of her mother every day. Brooklynn contacted Smokey and asked if we would publish the following letter she wrote to her mother.

Brooklynn, now 11 and just 10 at the time of the accident, was very brave that day. Brooklynn helped save her brother and sister by removing them from the overturned vehicle and carrying the 21 month old up to the road to get help. 

Below Brooklynn’s letter is Smokey’s interview with Brooklynn’s father James Goodwin just days after the accident. In the interview James gives a heart wrenching account of  what happened including how brave Brooklynn was that terrible day one year ago this week.

A Letter To Momma By Brooklynn Victoria

Brooklynn Victoria with her mother Candice Goodwin

Dear Momma,
I miss you and love you very much, and here is a poem I wrote for you at school! You left your footsteps in the sand and let go of many empty hands, and yes I know you can’t return, but all the love that you and I earn helps me grieve  that you had to leave.

I hope that you will remember me. I miss you and cry over you and think about you and many friends and family do too. MacKenzie talks about you and says my mommy’s in heaven and points to the sky, but what makes me very happy is that I know your with family like Madison your daughter and nanny Chris and uncle Bobby. All of us miss and love you, you are my angel I love that you are watching me from the heavens above…..

        Love your daughter,
           Brooklynn Victoria

Brooklynn’s father, James Goodwin, took some time out a few days after the accident last year to talk with Smokey about the day that changed his life forever.


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