Oops… Nashville TV Series Filming Locations Leaked

Film crews have to consider many things when choosing a location.
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Could Plans To Film In Springfield Be Jeopardized?


Representatives from the television show “Nashville” were in town looking at locations in Robertson County to film segments for the popular T.V. show. The show is an American musical drama television series that has entered it’s second season. The show  follows the drama in the country music industry and sits on the backdrop of Nashville itself. The show’s pilot episode received critical acclaim, according to Wikipedia.

aaaThe Robertson County area (as we all know) is beautiful and diverse architecturally. We have beautiful smoking barns, open farm land and historical architecture that makes our area popular for T.V., music videos and and even full length feature films. It’s a lot of fun to see your own town in a movie, it’s like becoming a part of history yourself, it changes the way you see the movie once you recognize the location of a scene. I watched the movie “The Last Days Of Frank And Jesse James” and it was really fun to see all the recognizable locations in the film.

Film crews have to consider many things when choosing a location. Some of the factors are; security, availability of extras and local resources just to name a few. One thing, especially if you are dealing with a popular actor, group or even a TV show is  controlling publicity on future filming locations. If the public becomes aware of future filming locations it can cause headaches for film crews. The more popular the artist, actor or in this case a TV show the worse it can be. Smokey is all too aware of this factor, we have encountered many film crews here in the county as you can see below and they seldom greet us with a big hug.

Smokey has been offered interviews with directors in exchange for a little time for film crews to finish up in town. Some types of filming locations can be ruined if a mob showed up. Take the popular singing group Lady Antebellum, they filmed here some months back (see below) and all their shots were out in the open, a crowd would have made that project impossible. Smokey would never want to hinder filming crews, we want them here, it’s a compliment to our community and it’s good for local business.

(Center screen) Clock restorer Jim Ball repairs a clock face during courthouse renovations in 2006. Click on the photo for more on the clock restoration.

A lot of work by local residents that do such a great job maintaining their historic homes, along with the efforts of city and county officials has all come together to make Robertson County beautiful and historically interesting. The Robertson County Courthouse in downtown Springfield is a great example of that. It was months from demolition but was saved and beautifully restored.

clock 005



So given the efforts that film crews will go through to keep filming locations secret Smokey was surprised to see an article by an established newspaper, that revealed so many details about a TV show and their intentions to film here next week. Smokey had decided we would do a little discrete filming while they were here and if we got lucky perhaps an interview for you. However, to announce a week ahead that they were coming, including specific locations  and even how many rooms they reserved at a local hotel would do nothing more than lower the odds of them filming here at all.

Smokey always walks a bit of a tightrope when we encounter film crews once they’re here in the county. We want to get you the shot but we don’t want to discourage future filming projects. Now granted, this particular show is used to dealing with site security, they film a lot in the downtown area of Nashville and in some very popular spots but unless they are looking for a ton of extras they will never publicize the future filming locations, according to media reps with ABC.

Though it’s no secret that film producers are generally secretive about filming locations, Smokey reached out to the shows media reps  on the odd chance they wanted the publicity and (as we suspected) we were told that unless they are looking for extras they will never publicize in advance future filming locations. We were also told that if a future filming location did leak out and they believed it could attract a lot of onlookers they could move the shoot to another location, but again that’s pretty much the standard position that any  producer would take.

Smokey also spoke to Veteran Talent and Brand Manager Josh Robbins with The Brandagement at BNA Talent Group in Nashville. Robbins said, “When a production is in pre-planning everything is liquid, so everything can change. So it’s important when a production goes to an area outside of a major city in a more rural area that the community maintain a low profile, to not make it a spectacle. Yes it’s exciting but these productions come typically with a large amount of people and there are tons of auxiliary services that a production requires from within a community that brings revenue, temporary jobs and taxes. In essence what a production does is it invades a community’s space momentarily but in return it provides opportunity, incentives and revenue for the local community. So should a community react in a way that is not reflective of that attitude it will lessen the chance for a production to come back.”

Other than security and background shot issues producers are also interested in protecting the plot of a show. Revealing filming locations could result in an inadvertent slip of  a shows plot., it’s just never a good idea to deliberately release that kind of information.

downtown aIt’s great that Robertson County is so popular with film crews, it’s wonderful publicity for the County. Whether ABC will continue with their plans to film here now that so many specifics have been released, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Though moot, Smokey will not be disclosing the specific dates, filming locations or hotels they plan to use. We’ll just say that it’s great news that the show Nashville likes our community and want’s to film here.  Maybe we’re overreacting, maybe they won’t care at all, perhaps they can just move the dates around a little, we’ll just have to wait and see..  What do you think Robertson County?

Nashville Show LOCAL Filming UPDATE (EXTRAS & Cars Needed)

Below are some of other things filmed here in the County, as you can see Robertson County is a very popular place for producers.



Smokey Barn News, November 21, 2013 Springfield TN

Singer-songwriter Kip Moore was in Springfield Thursday filming a music video.

Several of his singles have done well on the charts. “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck” hit number 1 on Hot Country Songs. We believe the filming in Springfield is for his upcoming new single “Young Love”.  iPhone/iPad users click on image below to play video http://youtu.be/faBtgJd3ccY

BELOW: More movies and music videos filmed here in Robertson County.

The last days of Frank & Jesse James JesseeJesseeHere’s a link to an old news report on the filming of  “The last days of Frank & Jesse James” Filmed in Springfield TN staring Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson (Click here)

Lady Antebellum filmed a music video in Springfield for their new song “Goodbye Town” back on March 23 2013.  Smokey filmed them in production, (SEE Smokey’s short exclusive Video news report of their PRODUCTION below FIRST) then watch the NEW Music Video directly below:  Springfield TN is in much of the music video.

Smokey Barn News, March 23 2013

Country pop music group Lady Antebellum was in Springfield Saturday shooting a music video for their next album. VIDEO iPhone/iPad users click on top photo to play video.http://youtu.be/fajrcIufWfE


Image_2013-03-23_14-26-58_031 bImage_2013-03-23_14-27-56_520 c

Image_2013-03-23_14-34-21_778 eSmokey Barn News, October 7, 2012

Another recent filming in Robertson County was a pilot with Billy Ray Cyrus back on October 7, 2012. Smokey was there again with some great coverage of their production. iPhone/iPad users click on photo below to play video.http://youtu.be/PcNbyrTXrlk

Movie ‘Jug Face’ Filming In Springfield TN

Darryl Worley – Awful Beautiful Life Filmed in Robertson County.http://youtu.be/ltWDMdadq98

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