Orlinda/Cross Plains Firefighters Save Orlinda Area Home

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Orlinda/Cross Plains Firefighters Save Orlinda Area Home

ORLINDA TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – An Orlinda area family is in their home this evening thanks to the efforts of firefighters from Orlinda and Cross Plains.

The call came in to 911 around 2:pm Tuesday afternoon, a home located on Hwy 49 just outside Orlinda was on fire and there may still be a woman inside. When firefighters arrived they found a side entrance area of the home engulfed in flames.

By the time firefighters arrived, everyone was out of the home and no injuries were reported. Firefighters wasted no time putting out the fire, preventing it from spreading into the attic. “They did a great job,” (referring to the firefighters) said Orlinda Fire Chief Dusty Johnson.

The cause of the fire was still under investigation at the time of our interview but Chief Johnson did say he did not suspect foul play, saying it was being classified accidental.  As far as damage to the structure, though the home will need some repairs, it is intact and the family will be able to stay in the home this evening if they wish.

Chief Johnson estimated the damage to the home to be just 2%. “Good save,  great save,” he said. Another ten minutes and it would have been a different story, neighbors wasted no time calling it in and the firefighters did a great job.

The home owner, Earnest Travis, who owns Springfield Dance Studio’s, takes care of his mother at the home. At the time of the fire he was not home. Travis says his neighbor across the street, Jackie Adams who is a local real-estate agent with RE/MAX, was out checking on her houses and saw black smoke coming from his home.

Travis says “Jackie jumped in the truck and ran over there because she knows I work through the day, and sure enough, the house was on fire.”  Travis says Jackie escorted his mother out of the home, called 911 and started putting water on the home with a garden house. “She saved the day,” Travis said.

Firefighters from Orlinda and Cross Plains as well as the Robertson County Emergency Management Agency, Robertson County EMS and the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office all responded to the call.

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