Orlinda’s 2014 Christmas Parade & Celebration Coverage

This year was our biggest, longest most attended Christmas parade in along time
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Smokey Barn News
Sunday December 15, 2014
Orlinda, Robertson County, Tenn.

Orlinda’s 2014 Christmas Parade & Celebration Coverage 

Over 300 photos—> click here. 

Orlinda threesome“This year was our biggest, longest, most attended Christmas parade in along time,” said Kevin Breeding, Orlinda’s City manager. Not really sure why, “I think the good weather helped us a lot”.

“We were considering canceling the Orlinda Christmas parade so this has definitely turned that around,  people may have came out because of that,” Breeding said.

“I especially want to commend our firemen because we had a major fire which Smokey covered last night. Our firefighters went to the fire in the middle of the night and stayed on the fire scene for hours, then they came back and washed their trucks and showed up at the Christmas parade, so they deserve commending,” Breeding said.

“For everybody that came out today we really appreciate the participants and the viewers of the parade and a big thanks to Joy George and other volunteers that opened the doors of the Byrum Porter Senior Center to offer refreshments after the parade and an opportunity for the community to gather for fellowship,” Breeding said.

Enjoy Smokey’s slideshow of photos below!

For over 300 photos —> click here. 

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