Owens Chapel Rd Investigation Leads To Numerous Weapons Charges

Owens Chapel Rd Investigation Leads To Numerous Weapons Charges

Owens Chapel Rd Investigation Leads To Numerous Weapons Charges

ROBERTSON COUNTY: (Smokey Barn News) – Last week Smokey Barn News brought you the news of an investigation at a home located on Owens Chapel Rd. MAP  Smokey Barn News has confirmed with the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office that charges have been filed as a result of the investigation.

If you recall, the Sheriff’s Office indicated that, with the assistance of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations, they were executing a search warrant at the Owens Chapel Rd home. Now we have confirmed that 67-year-old Joseph Frank Benton is facing over 40 charges, mostly weapon-related, as a direct result of that search warrant. Benton is also facing one count of Sexual Exploitation Of A Minor.

We are listing Benton’s charges below. Note that many of the charges do not yet have bond amounts listed.

Unlawful Carrying or Possession of a Weapon – 40 charges – $2,000,000.00 bond

Capias Circuit Court – 1 charge – $15,000.00 bond. According to the Robertson CountyOnline Court Records System online records, Benton has one count of Sexual Exploitation Of A Minor from the same date of the March 27 search warrant.

Prohibited Weapons – 1 charge – $$50.000.00 bond

Violation of Probation – 2 charges – $0.00 bond

Assault, Domestic Related – 1 charge – $10,000.00 bond

Benton’s current bond is set at $2,075,000.00 but that is likely to increase once bond amounts are set for all the charges.

Jennifer & Adrianna Wix connection..

Smokey Barn News would like to reiterate that authorities have never released any information suggesting a connection between the Owens Chapel Rd home or the Benton family as it relates to the disappearance of the Wix girls. Following their communication with authorities, the Wix family told Smokey Barn News that they were told that the March 27 search warrant was also unrelated to the Jennifer & Adrianna Wix disappearance.

“Our family has confirmed with law enforcement that the executed warrant was not for Jennifer and Adrianna.” Casey M Robinson

Smokey Barn News is continuing to monitor the investigation, as soon as the Sheriff’s Office is prepared to release more information, we will bring it to you.

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