Pancake Breakfast & Transmitter Fox Hunt by RC Amateur Radio Club

Pancake Breakfast & Transmitter Fox Hunt by RC Amateur Radio Club

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Saturday, Sept. 14th from 7-10 am at Applebee’s – Pancake Breakfast

Saturday, at 1pm after the breakfast is over is what we call a “Fox Hunt”.

It’s actually a transmitter hunt, where someone “hides” somewhere in Robertson County and everyone else has to find them by tracking the “foxes” radio signal.  It all started some years ago when a young man got his hands on a city radio and was tormenting  city workers with silly broadcasts. Local radio enthusiasts were asked if they could help find the boy. With some quick engineering the hunt was on and within a few hours they found the boy and the city had their radio back. Now it’s all just for fun but you never know when the skills will come in  handy. This is a good training event for use in finding a lost hiker, boater, etc. that might have a radio such as a FRS radio (Family Radio Service). Doesn’t matter what kind of radio it is, you can track it. Trackers will gather and start from the parking lot across the street that runs behind the county building around 1 pm. No telling where that fox will be hiding.

The menu will consist of pancakes, sausage, tea and coffee

Tickets are $5 per person regardless of age

Tickets are now available at all club meetings and at all events that the club participates in until the fundraiser date.If you would like tickets but can’t attend a meeting, send an email to [email protected] and leave your name and contact number. Someone will contact you and arrange to meet you to get your tickets to you. There will also be tickets available at the door.

Members of RCARC will be your waiters / waitresses but we will leave the cooking to the pros at Applebee’s


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