Pennies For Pets

Humane Society of Summer County has been serving Robertson and Sumner counties for 38 years as a non-profit 501 (c) (3).

Did you ever wonder what a penny could do? Do you hear all the talk about doing away with them as a coin? A simple penny can do lots and doing away with them would do away with a big fundraiser that helps keep those cold dogs and cats this time of year in a warm bed, with nutritious Pedigree food, blankets, and most of all, love.

Pennies furnish medicine, heat, water, food, vaccinations, and just about anything a homeless dog or cat needs. And the humane society sees plenty. About 500 dogs and cats a year pass through the doors of the Adoption Center at 16 Volunteer Dr., Hendersonville, where those collected pennies, dimes, nickels, and quarters are carefully rolled and turned into just what the individual furbaby needs.
So stop by the Adoption Center, pick up a can or two, and take it to your school or business, fill it with loose change, and bring it by to drop in our large Pennies for Pets collection bin and dump them in with the hundreds of others and leave knowing you’ve helped contribute to keeping the Adoption Center running and dogs and cats warm and safe day and night.
For more information, call the Adoption Center at 822-0061

Sasha hurries through the many pennies and other coins to get her job done. She’s a young puppy who has lots of vim and vigor and wants to make sure the word gets out about the Pennies for Pets so maybe she can find a Forever Home and help save pennies, too.