Police Shutdown Marijuana Grow Operation In Greenbrier

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Police Shutdown Marijuana Grow Operation In Greenbrier

GREENBRIER TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – According to Greenbrier police, during the past month an investigation was conducted between the 18th Judicial District Drug Task Force and Greenbrier Police Department which resulted in obtaining information about a possible marijuana grow operation in the Greenbrier area.


James C. Rodgers

On Monday June, 8, a search warrant was executed at a home located on Primrose Street in Greenbrier that led to the shutdown of an indoor marijuana grow operation.

The operation contained approximately 71 marijuana plants with a street value estimated to be between $70,000 and $75,000, according to Greenbrier Police Chief K.D. Smith.

The plants were ranging from 1 to 4 feet in height and positioned under grow lighting located inside the residence.

Chief Smith told Smokey Barn News on the phone today that the marijuana operation was set up last February, right after the family started renting the Primrose Street home.

Chief Smith said he learned about the grow operation from the 18th Drug Task Force last month.

The operation was contained to one room of the house, Chief Smith said. “They blocked off the windows and a black piece of plastic was draped from the ceiling to keep the heat in.

During the raid Police also seized drug paraphernalia, a newer-model Toyota Tacoma, and a rifle.

The search warrant led to the arrest of James C. Rodgers, 42 of Greenbrier. Mr. Rodgers was transported to the Robertson County Jail where charges were filed that include, Possession Drug Paraphernalia $6,000.00 bond, Unlawful Poss Weapon, $6,000.00 bond and Manufacture Controlled Substance $25,000.00.

Rodgers lived at the home with his wife and adult son. To date, they have not been charged in connection with the case.

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  1. ross

    I have no pity on some one that knew the risk and decided to put his family in harms way to make a quick buck. He have every intent on manufacturing and selling. It all about money even if he was in Co. he would still be illegal manufacturing. Jacob Stop making excuses there is no easy way to make a living no short cuts in this life. If you want extra money get a second job but sell drugs is not a solution I don’t care if your Mother Teresa.

  2. jacob

    Darlene Mr rodgers has done more for people than your whole family combined. Perhaps you should move to a place where people don’t have the right to make personal choices on their own.maybe north Korea or somewhere like that. Or just choke yourself to death

  3. hard road

    How long we gonna lock people up for marijuana? We need new laws.

  4. Quinten Darrow

    Big deal. No one cares. Stop wasting my tax dollars to line your own pockets.

  5. Ed

    Great! Even Mr. Rodgers has turned to a life of drugs and crime.

  6. Darlene Sullivan

    What I would like to know is, what made him think he would not get caught? In a residential neighborhood for goodness sake! Yes they do need to look for Drugs in Greenbrier too, but Marijuana is also illegal, no matter how many pot heads live here. It makes you high just like drugs or else why would they smoke it? Get over it people, quit trying to live above the law and just be a good old normal citizen of Greenbrier for a change. You might like it and definitely live longer!

  7. Steve

    Greenbrier??????? Say it ain’t so