Possible Vandalism In Springfield Police Say


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Tuesday January 20, 2015
Springfield, Robertson County, Middle Tenn.

Possible Vandalism In Springfield Police Say (VIDEO) http://youtu.be/Olimfrf7NhY

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Police in Springfield are calling it possible vandalism. Sometime overnight (no one knows for sure exactly what time) a large industrial truck somehow broke lose from the parking lot of Tennessee Wood Crafters, sailed down a steep embankment and impaled itself into the back of Total Gospel Hair and Beauty Supply.

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The accident occurred on the corner of 10th Ave and Branch St next door from Workforce Essentials. The call to police came in just after 6:00am Tuesday morning but the vehicle was likely sitting there for a while. The alleyway where the accident occurred is relatively secluded and not well lit.

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When co-owner of Total Gospel Hair and Beauty Supply, Quinton Yates arrived at work this morning and saw the damage to his business he told Smokey that initially he was devastated but after a few minutes to reflect on the situation said, “Things happen, but through the grace of God No one was hurt.” Total Gospel Hair and Beauty Supply is likely the largest hair and beauty supply store in the area. Their Springfield facility is very large.  The scene inside the store looked like something out of Twilight Zone with all the mannequin heads tossed about.

Springfield Police are still investigating the incident this morning but told us they were leaning towards vandalism. A few things were not adding up. A ladder somehow moved all on its own, a window high enough to need a ladder was broken and of course the truck decided to impale itself into another business.  The owner
of Tennessee Wood Crafters said they have been dealing with vandalism for a while.

Tennessee Wood Crafters was the company that made the new hands for the Robertson County Court House clock a few years ago.  Calling them wood experts would be an understatement.

The good news is that no one was in the way of that big truck as it sailed down the hill this morning.

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