RC Sheriff’s Office: Trailers An Easy Target For Thieves (Tips To Know)

RC Sheriff's Office: Trailers An Easy Target For Thieves (Tips To Know)

RC Sheriff’s Office: Trailers An Easy Target For Thieves (Tips To Know)

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – The Robertson County Sheriff’s Office is striking out preemptively based on statistics with some great advice that might just help keep your trailer in your driveway where it belongs.

During this time of year, law enforcement usually sees an increase in the number of utility type trailers and car haulers stolen. The Robertson County Sheriff’s Office would like to make the public aware of a few tips that could help prevent and deter future trailer thefts.

1. Write down the serial/VIN to the trailer and keep it in a secure location along with numerous photographs from all angles.

2. If a serial number/VIN does not exist, make your own. Use numbers easily remembered and personal to you. Place these numbers in hidden areas on the trailer.

3. Lock the trailer with a quality coupler type lock. These locks are difficult to remove by thieves and plug the trailer coupler so it cannot be placed on a ball hitch.


4. Lock the trailer through the frame to a tree or other stationary object. If one is not available, you can run a cable or chain through both wheels locking them together.

5. Store the trailer out of sight of the road. These types of thieves are very much opportunistic and will choose the easiest target. Make your home a difficult target.

6. Utilize SmartWater to mark your trailer and other equipment (Please contact the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office for further details.)

7. Get to know your neighbors, and report suspicious activity immediately to Law Enforcement.

It’s important to remember that generally, this time of year criminals are on the lookout for the easiest target they can find. Locking the doors on your vehicles and keeping personal items and packages out of sight is another way to not become a victim.

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