Restoration/Thrift Shop Opens In Downtown Springfield

Springfield has a new fun thrift/restoration store just a few blocks up from the RC Courthouse.

Let me first say that this place is not a sponsor of Smokey and this is our actual opinion.

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Smokey got the word that there was a new business in the old Springfield Auto Parts building on 9th Ave right off Main street just 3 blocks down from the RC Courthouse. MAP They’re called Sanders Restoration & Thrift. They’ve only been up and running for a month now but they seem to have things pretty well organized. Apparently they have a knack for fixing and restoring furniture. They even have appliances like washers, dryers and refrigerators.

I’m no antique expert but I have friends that live for the next most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen, and as I looked the place over I noticed a few pieces that might be worth a look by an expert. I could tell they were smart enough not to hurt something that may be an antique by over restoring like some will do.

They also had a variety of other things as the photos indicate. It seemed they were making an effort not to be a junk store, their inventory seemed to be in good shape and the place was very clean and spacious. If you’re an interior designer that’s always on the prowl for something weird you’ll definitely want to put this place on your list.

I walked away thinking that anyone looking to save a dime that still wanted pieces with some character should at least stop by and say hi.
Go like their Facebook page..     Jim Ball reporting

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