Road Conditions In Robertson County

Road Conditions In Robertson County…
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Smokey Barn News
Thursday, March 5 2015
Robertson County, Middle  Tenn.

Road Conditions In Robertson County

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If you have a window in your home you probably figured out we did actually get some snow. The reaction from Robertson County Schools was almost immediate. Normally school officials give the weather every chance to offer an opening for the students to head on in, not this time, one look out there window this morning and they closed schools again for Friday.

Click on the photo for a beautiful album of early morning photos and lots of reader pics.

Robertson County Emergency management Director, RL Douglas concurs with Robertson County Schools decision to close, “It’s a sheet of ice with some snow on top,” Douglas said. ” “If you don’t have to go out, don’t.”

We asked EMA if the roads are improving this morning, the answer, “Not enough to get excited about but the main roads and freeways are improving.”

With the low temperatures it will likely be a few days before the back roads clear out.  According to Smokey’s meteorologist Will Jones, “It’s not going to warm up enough to melt the snow until Saturday.”

Crews have been working all night clearing as many roads as they can but the task is a bit daunting because we have hundreds of miles of roads in Robertson County, according to Douglas.

As far as accidents, we have been fortunate so far, just a lot of people getting stuck in the snow.

Enjoy the album below, for even more great photos CLICK HERE


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Robertson County Schools Closed Friday Due To Weather

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