Robertson County – Annual State Of The Schools Address

 All A’s and B’s for the District in Achievement for the 2013 School Year…Learn about new services at Northcrest

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Smokey Barn News February 4, 2014, Robertson County 

RC SCHOOLSMr. Mike Davis, Director of Schools for Robertson County has been on the job for about five months now and has compiled a report on the State of the Schools. Davis presented the State of the Schools address to a packed Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Thursday, Jan. 30. After the presentation to community leaders the citizens, Davis has made the full report available to Smokey Barn News for review. We have decided to release the report in its entirety. At the top is a brief overview, and below an in-depth report. Smokey would like to thank Mr. Davis for making the report available to us.

The short version:

Robertson County spends less per student than the state.

7% total student population growth in three years, with a 28% Hispanic student growth in the same time period.

All A’s and B’s for the District in Achievement for the 2013 School Year

Schools that received straight A’s on Achievement include

• Coopertown Middle, Greenbrier Elementary, Greenbrier Middle, Watauga Elementary, WH Heritage Elementary

Watauga Elementary School was recognized for receiving straight A’s on Achievement and Growth.

test score a slider Schools that received All A’s and B’s on Achievement and/or Growth include

 Coopertown Elementary, East Robertson Elementary, East Robertson High, Jo Byrns High, WH Heritage High, Coopertown Middle, East Robertson High, Jo Byrns Elementary, Jo Byrns High, and WH Heritage Elementary

Tremendous growth in Cheatham Park, Krisle, Springfield Middle, Westside, Greenbrier High, and Springfield High was also recognized.

Chris Causey
Chris Causey
Supervisor of Accountability

Mr. Chris Causey, Supervisor of Accountability discussed the improvement the district has made in ACT scores, as well as grades 3-12 Math and Reading/Language Arts achievement. He also discussed how teachers are using assessment data in their classroom to guide instruction. Dr. Linda Cash, Assistant Director of Schools, spoke of the district’s goals, subgroup programs, and holding administrators responsible for the learning in their individual buildings.

Mr. Davis concluded the session with information regarding the different departments in the county including building and grounds, transportation, nutrition, and technology. Before taking questions, he also mentioned the challenges facing our county with the main area of concern being the transition to Common Core State Standards, the PARCC assessment, and the technology needs for the county.

The Long version:

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