Robertson County Property Tax Hike Approved: Mayor Bradley Breaks It Down

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Robertson County Property Tax Increase Approved

Mayor Bradley Breaks It Down 

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – The Robertson County Commission has approved a 12.5-cent property tax increase for county residents.

The property tax rate will go from $2.96 per $100 (of assessed value) to $3 & 8 1/2 cents. Robertson County Mayor Howard Bradley met with Smokey Barn News today to give us a breakdown of what the money will be used for and when the tax increase will take effect.


For a further breakdown of what the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office will do with their portion of the increase see the video below.

Budget: Sheriff Holt Says ‘Can’ Kicked Too Far 

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE (Smokey Barn News) The Robertson County Sheriff’s Office says they need more money to do their job and have asked for budget that would translate into about a 9.5 cent property tax increase for Roberson County property owners..

The Budget Committee apparently agrees with Robertson County Sheriff Bill Holt and have unanimously voted to forward his request for more money to the County Commission for a yes or no vote. The decision will be made later in the year when the County Commission has the full budget in front of them.

Holt presented his case to the Robertson County Budget Committee last month.

Holt sat down with Smokey Barn News on Friday to give us a first hand look at what the Robertson County Sheriff’s Office needs and why. (Original story)

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Latest Comments
  1. Denise

    It seems that if you own property that this is the ones that pay for all the bull -hit that they waste our money on. Find another way to get your spending money. Property owners can’t keep your wasteful spending up. Cut the budget, or have you never heard of that. Stop busing these kids all over the country. Also leave these buses at the schools, I see drivers taking them to their homes after work. We have to supply our rides to work, and so should they. That expense is on us and we are tired of all this wasteful spending.

  2. Russ White

    I’m telling you guys, we are becoming the next New Jersey! I’ve never met anyone who said, “Hey, I’m looking so forward to my retirement years in New Jersey.” We are being way too passive as citizens.

  3. Brian Vaughn

    Everytime you turn around,property taxes are going up,when are they going to go down?!!! S.O.S!!! Different year! Tired of it!

  4. JSH

    Road improvements are a subject for the Highway Commission not the County Commission. The funding for road maintenance comes from the Highway Tax that you pay at the pump. No county taxes go to that. This is just the start for the DOJ I fear they aren’t done with us yet.

  5. Dicky Reynolds

    This is pitiful! Property owners have to take the blunt of all the tax hikes! It’s not fair or right! Wouldn’t it be nice if every time we need money we could pass a tax hike! But we can’t!! These poor folks on a fixed income have to try and figure out how to pay it! Which means they may have to do without! It’s time for a change!!

  6. Steve Haley