Robertson County Rezoning To Start At Elementary School Level First

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Monday February 9, 2015
Robertson County, Middle Tenn.

Robertson County Rezoning To Start At Elementary School Level First


See new Settlement Agreement HERE

It looks as though the Robertson County Board of Education and the Department of Justice have come to (at least) some kind of agreement as they negotiate to rezone the entire county school district. In a new plan just released today, the rezoning will begin with just the elementary schools, middle and high schools will follow later.

On September 5, 2014 representatives of the United States Department of Justice notified the Robertson County School Board attorney that the department had completed its investigation into allegations that the Robertson County School District is discriminating on the basis of race through assignment practices, including failing to desegregate the District’s schools. The United States Department of Justice has determined, “…the District has yet to desegregate its schools and eliminate the vestiges of its prior segregated school system.”

This “finding” issued by the United States Department of Justice require the Robertson County Board of Education to enter into a settlement agreement in order to avoid litigation by the United States Department of Justice, and the potential loss of all federal funds to the Robertson County School District. MORE

The letter from the United States Department of Justice, along with the new settlement agreement,  and the current elementary schools RE-zoning map is currently available here on our website for the citizens of Robertson County to review.


Robertson County School Board votes on the new plan Monday Feb 9th at Springfield High School

The elementary school phase of the rezoning plan was voted on by the Board of Education in a special public meeting that was held in the Springfield High School Auditorium on February 9th. The board unanimously voted to approve the plan.  Implementation of the rezoning of the elementary schools will be the first action taken towards the rezoning process since negotiations began with the Department of Justice in Robertson County.

You can read the full Settlement Agreement here but some highlights include:

Elementary students will be rezoned effective the 2015-2016 school year. The new zoning boundaries can be seen HERE.

Middle and high school students will continue to attend their current schools for the 2015-2016 school year, however, new attendance zones for these grade levels will be drawn and take effect for the 2016-2017 school year.

TN Realty Red Barn 300The new elementary attendance zones include an attendance zone for the new CrestView Elementary School (K-5).

The attendance zones for Cheatham Park Elementary and Westside Elementary will be combined into a grade centered zone. All grade K-2 students in this zone will attend Westside Elementary. All grade 3-5 students in this zone will attend Cheatham Park Elementary.


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  1. think about it

    the definition of segregation as defined in the Miriam-Webster dictionary is the practice or policy of keeping people of different races, religions, etc., separate from each other. nobody is standing at the doors keeping races out. there are students of all races at all the schools. therefore not segregated.. i want to know exactly who defines this as segregated.

    • j

      Thank hubbard for that! According to the map the county schools are still segregated. There is no way possible that with the new zone that it is busing out inner-city kids to desegregate the jo byrns, east Robertson, heritage, and Greenbrier schools like they say. Schools were never segregated to begin with its just a big farm county and majority of farmers are white and live where there is enough land to make a living. This was all rushed just to get the DOJ off their backs!

    • lizzi