Robertson County Says No To Hopewell Rd Gun Range

Robertson County Says No To Hopewell Rd Gun Range

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – In a unanimous vote Thursday evening, the Robertson County Regional Planning Commission voted down a proposed outdoor gun range.

The proposed site for the new range would have been on farmland off Hopewell Rd which is positioned in the upper right (N/E) corner of Robertson County. MAP

Parties on both sides of the proposed (handgun-only) outdoor training range were allowed to address the board. Both sides took about 30 minutes each to present their case in the hour-long meeting, and both sides were well prepared and articulate.

Both sides were very polite, civil, and respectful of each other as they addressed the board. In the end, the decision was handed to the board. In a unanimous vote, following a short discussion, the board denied the Appeal.

The proposed training facility was the idea of Keith Rediker, a Firefighter with North Robertson Fire & Rescue. Rediker told the board that the danger, noise, and traffic for the surrounding neighborhood would be minimal. Rediker said that firearm training was important and needed in Robertson County.

Neighbors told the board that they were not against guns or gun training facilities but the proposed location for this shooting range generated concerns. Stray rounds, proximity to homes, property values, noise, historic cemetery headstone damage, lead contamination, and future expansion, to list a few.

Smokey Barn News was present and captured the entire meeting including everyone that addressed the board. A recording of the meeting is at the top of this report. About 30 people attended the meeting but due to COVID-19 guidelines, only about 15 people were allowed in the meeting and they were required to separate by one chair and wear masks.

There was a large amount of data presented. To capture the full scope and everything said by each side, we will defer you to our video report above.

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Keith Rediker presents his case to the board.

The Robertson County Regional Planning Commission