Robertson County Schools Closed Due To Frigid Temperatures

Robertson County Schools Closed Ahead Of Freezing Rain, Ice & Snow

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Robertson County Schools Closed Due To Frigid Temperatures

Due to Frigid Temperatures All Public Robertson County Schools will be closed on Thursday January 8, 2015. Daycare will continue. Extracurricular activities and sports will continue.

School officials said that all classes will resume on Friday.


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  1. Budd Moss

    Amen, AD. When I went to school, we had heat in the building. What’s wrong with these fools?

    • Ha Ha

      And you walked to school bare foot in the snow too right. Bahahaha

  2. AD

    Are you serious? School is closed because it is cold? What weak little clown children we must have these days. Who’s in charge of this garbage?

    • What!!!

      Are you kidding me?? Do you even have children? If so why? School must be a free babysitter for you.. Do you often put your child in danger? I don’t think that these little children should have to get out in below freezing Temps at all period. .