Robertson County Schools Holiday Schedule (Per School)

Check the following list to see your school’s time of dismissal.Tea header Christmas 511

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Friday December 12, 2014
Robertson County, Tenn.

Robertson County Schools Holiday Schedule (Per School)

 Half Day School Schedule For Friday, Dec. 19

See your school below..

Students will attend school for only a half day on Friday, Dec. 19. When dismissed, they will not return to classes until January 6, 2015, at the end of their Christmas Break. Check the following list to see your school’s time of dismissal.

Friday December 19, 2014 Half Day (Times Below)

Schools                                               Start Time       Dismissal Time


Alternative                                         7:55 AM          11:25 AM

Bransford                                             7:20 AM          10:50 AM

Cheatham Park                                  7:30 AM          11:00 AM

Coopertown Elementary                  7:35 AM          11:05 AM

Coopertown Middle                            7:40 AM          11:10 AM

East Robertson Elementary            8:00 AM          11:30 AM

East Robertson High                         8:00 AM          11:30 AM

Greenbrier Elementary                   7:45 AM          11:15 AM

Greenbrier Middle                             7:55 AM          11:25 AM

Greenbrier High                                8:00 AM          11:30 AM

Jo Byrns Elementary                        7:55 AM          11:25 AM

Jo Byrns High                                     8:10 AM          11:40 AM

Krisle                                                      7:35 AM          11:05 AM

Robert F Woodall Elementary        7:50 AM          11:20 AM

Springfield Middle                             8:00 AM          11:30 AM

Springfield High                                 8:15 AM          11:45 AM

Watauga                                              7:30 AM          11:00 AM

Westside                                               7:30 AM          11:00 AM

White House Elementary               7:40 AM          11:10 AM

White House Heritage                     8:00 AM          11:30 AM

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