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A part of the settlement agreement requires the Robertson County Sch…..

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Monday October 6, 2014
Robertson County, Tenn.

Fed’s Rezoning Of Robertson County Schools Presented To Board

After years of research and planning, Robertson County School’s have officially announced the disposition of the Federal Government’s rezoning for K-12. The release of the information was delivered at Monday night’s school board meeting. The new zoning will take effect in the 2015-16 school year.

Below is all the information released by the Robertson County Schools on how the rezoning will effect each neighborhood in Robertson County. The maps are Links that will allow you to expand and navigate to your home.

The final piece that will make the mapping official is a final vote by the board in their regularly scheduled November 3rd meeting.

Commenting on Facebook/Twitter and Smokey’s main site is a wonderful way to express your feelings about the changes. However, only comments sent to [email protected] will be received by the Department of Justice, according to school officials.

High school mapOn September 5, 2014 representatives of the United States Department of Justice notified our school board attorney that the department had completed its investigation into allegations that the Robertson County School District is discriminating on the basis of race through assignment practices, including failing to desegregate the District’s schools. The United States Department of Justice has determined, “…the District has yet to desegregate its schools and eliminate the vestiges of its prior segregated school system.”

Middle school mapThis “finding” issued by the United States Department of Justice will now require the Robertson County Board of Education to enter into a settlement agreement in order to avoid litigation by the United States Department of Justice, and the potential loss of all federal funds to the Robertson County School District.

A part of the settlement agreement requires the Robertson County School District to adopt new attendance zones developed by the United States Department of Justice. The school board wants to emphasize that the new zone elementary maplines were developed by the united states department of justice and their contractors and not by the local school board.

The letter from the United States Department of Justice, along with the settlement agreement, the demographic charts, and zoning maps are currently available here on our website for the citizens of Robertson County to review. A special e-mail address ([email protected]) has also been established to allow Robertson County citizens the opportunity to express their thoughts and concerns about this matter and to provide the Robertson County School Board with information that can be given to the board attorney and the United States Department of Justice.

The settlement document contains several items which will allow the district some flexibility in granting special permission for students who fall into one or more of the categories specified by the Department of Justice for granting out of zone requests.

Additionally, students who are currently enrolled in 4th grade at an elementary school, 7th grade at a middle school, or 10th and 11th grades at a high school, will have the option to remain at their current school until they have completed the terminating grade for that school. However, parents will be required to provide transportation to and from school for students choosing to take advantage of this option.

In order to allow parents to respond to the new plans public forums well be held in the coming weeks before the final November school board meeting, according Robertson County School’s Press rep, Jim Bellis.

Public Forums scheduled:

  • White House Heritage High School: 5-7 p.m. on October. 20
  • East Robertson High School: 5-7 p.m. on October. 22
  • Springfield High School: 5-7 p.m. October. 28
  • Greenbrier High School: 5-7 p.m. on October. 23
  • Coopertown Middle School: 5-7 p.m. on October. 29
  • Jo Byrns High School: 5-7 p.m. on October. 27

Schedule Info according to, James Marshall,  Supervisor Of Technology with Robertson County School District.

Zoning Maps

STUDENT TRANSFERS (From the Settlement Agreement)

The District shall not approve a student transfer unless the student’s transfer application, including supporting documentation, establishes one of the following reasons:

a. Child of Employee. A student who resides with a parent or legal guardian who is
actively employed as faculty or staff of the District shall be eligible to attend the school at which the employee works.

b. Safety of the Student. If the safety of the student is in jeopardy, or if the student is endangering the safety of other students, the District shall require a statement signed by the designated administrator(s) of the sending school setting forth the potential harm to the student or other students and describing how the transfer will alleviate the situation to verify the safety purpose of the transfer.

c. Course of Study. Students may request a transfer in order to pursue a high school course of study not offered at the student’s school assignment based on residence. The District shall require that the principal or designated administrator(s) of the sending school submit a signed statement verifying the unavailability of the specific course(s) and the necessity of the student’s transfer.

d. Hardship Transfer. If any parent or guardian believes that exceptional and extenuating circumstances warrant the transfer of a student, the parent or guardian may request a hardship transfer. The hardship exception is meant to provide for transfers in unique and urgent situations, such as the incarceration or terminal illness of a parent/guardian, abuse or neglect affecting the student or parent/guardian, or natural disaster. Documentation must include: (i) a signed, dated sworn affidavit from the parent/guardian explaining the exceptional hardship and why the hardship requires a transfer to the requested school; and (ii) supporting documentation, such as signed letter(s) of support from doctors, authorities, or others who can confirm the hardship. The Director of Schools or designated administrator(s) shall review the application and supporting documentation and shall have the right to request additional supporting documentation.

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