Robertson County School’s Weekly Sports Update

East Robertson Boys- Defeated Middle Tennessee Christian 75-65 and…

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James O reporting Smokey Barn News, February 24, 2014 

Robertson County School’s Weekly Sports Update

Only one Robertson County School Remains, East Robertson stands alone.

East Robertson Boys- Defeated Middle Tennessee Christian 75-65 and will continue to play in the R5A tournament. They will play Forrest High School in the Semi round at 7:45 at East Robertson on Feb. 25th. They are the only remaining Robertson County School that is still playing basketball.

The other three High schools that played this week lost and their seasons are over.

White House Heritage Boys team lost to Pearl Cohn 46-80 in the R5AA tournament.

East Robertson Girls team lost to Community 32-65 in the R5A tournament.

Springfield Boys team lost to Station Camp 42-47 in the R5AAA tournament.

The TNT Tournament is over; two Robertson county teams fell short in championship games.

The TNT tournament is finished. The Springfield Middle School Boys team and the White House Heritage

Girls team made it to the championship round but both fell short from winning it.

Springfield lost to Knox Doss 31-60

Heritage lost to Station Camp 31-35

As the season comes to an end there is little doubt that all of our local teams played with dignity and class throughout the season.  Though it would have been nice to have won every game this year, losing a game here and there is just an opportunity to show that (win or lose) Robertson County plays with distinction and honor.

“For every second that a champion looks great on the court or the field or the floor, there are countless hours of failing. True success it built on failure, that’s why they say, don’t quit.” James O’Saile

James O’Saile Reporting
Smokey Barn News

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