Search Warrant Reveals Drugs, Guns And Children In Springfield

Inside the residence were large quantities of Marijuana and crack cocaineMums wide banner

Smokey Barn News January 23, 2014 Springfield, Tenn.

Search Warrant Reveals Drugs, Guns And Children

Police say children were present in drug infested filthy home in Springfield.

During the course of a one month long investigation, Narcotics detectives with the Springfield Police Department and the Robertson County Sheriffs Office conducted a search warrant at 1319 Parham St, a property owned by Community Baptist church in Springfield. The main focus of the search warrant was for the unlawful sale of narcotics.

Parham St 1-22-14 4The main suspect was Antwon Head of Springfield. Undercover agents made multiple purchases of crack cocaine from Head at this residence over the past several weeks, according to police. Once enough probable cause was obtained, police executed a signed search warrant at approximately 2:00pm on January 22nd 2014. Several people were inside the residence at the time of the search warrant, but they were found to have no connection to the sale of narcotics and were released.

Parham St 1-22-14 5Inside the residence, large quantities of Marijuana and crack cocaine were discovered in plain view sitting on the table in the living room. Digital scales covered in cocaine residue were discovered along with the crack cocaine as well as a Cobra 9mm pistol, police said. There were 3 minor children that ranged in ages from about 6 to 13 discovered in the residence and the house was extremely filthy, according to police. The children were in a back bedroom playing the Playstation. There was little regard for the children, police say. The Dept. of Children’s services were called out to the residence and the children were removed and placed into a much better situation with their mother’s family, according to police.

Parham st 1-22-14 1City of Springfield codes enforcement officers were called out to the house and it was deemed unsafe for habitation. The residence was being rented from Community Baptist church by the mother of the children.  Community Baptist church owned the property and advised police that they have been trying to evict the occupants. The gas was shut off from the residence by the codes Department due to extremely unsafe conditions.

Antwon Head
Antwon Head

WARRANTS UPDATED: Antwon Head (pictured right) was not home when the search warrant was executed. Head has two outstanding warrants for ‘Failure To Appear’ and now (as of today January 23 2014) warrants  for alleged possession of Marijuana and Cocaine for resale and alleged possession of a firearm while in commission of a dangerous felony, according to police.

In an interview with undercover agents we were told that the house was full of people that ran in every direction as police executed the search warrant. They were pouring out the back door before we pulled in the driveway, police said. Agents told us that some mid to high level dealers use “spotters” that look for any sign that police are coming into the neighborhood and send out a warning call on two-way-radios. Police also said, some of these individuals that sell drugs also use special police scanners to listen in to police conversations. It’s a business, and some are better at it than others, police said.

Jewell 300In this case the house was filthy and full of drugs and drug paraphernalia, Police said. Charles Consiglio a Springfield Police narcotics detective told Smokey,  “I’ve been in drug enforcement for ten years and this was one of the top five filthiest residence I’ve ever seen, animal feces, urine, never been vacuumed, never been dusted, trash, old food, if you can imagine the nastiest most deplorable place, this was it”, Consiglio said.

Including the drugs, cash and property seized the total value was about five thousand dollars, police said. Detective Consiglio said, “If you have nice cars, video equipment, TV’s, and you don’t have a job, and I can prove you are selling narcotics, and that’s your main source of income, I’m going to take your vehicles, I’m going to take your TV’s, I’m going to take your PlayStation, I’m going to take your jewelry. If it’s valuable and you  bought it with money you earned from selling narcotics, I’m gonn’a take it from you.”

In 2011 Springfield police made 211 drug related arrests, in 2012 that number was 160 and in 2013 it was 182 total drug related arrests.

police logoIf you see Antwon Head or know where he is you are encouraged to contact the Springfield Police department at (615) 384-8422

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