Sex Offender Arrested For Operating Thrift Mall Near School In Greenbrier, Barred From Business

Smokey Barn News, June 26 2013

gy 003About a year ago Gary White bought a business in Greenbrier located on Hwy 41 N. Between W. College and E.South St. The business is a thrift mall, White rents out space to other vendors.  Today he received some unusual news from police, he’s not allowed to go near his business because it’s less then a thousand feet from a school, White is a convicted sex offender.  The structure the business operates in is about 800 feet (according to police) from Greenbrier Middle School, and by law White is not allowed to work within 1000 feet of a school.

garyAccording to Greenbrier Mayor Billy Wilson, calls started coming in from local residents about Mr. White and the proximity of his business to the school several weeks ago. According to Mayor Wilson, Wednesday around 1:00pm White was arrested at his business and taken to the Robertson County Detention Facility in Springfield and was being held on a 5K bond according to Mayor Wilson.  White was charged with allegedly violating the sex offender registry.

According to Mayor Wilson, Mr White said that he wasn’t aware of the situation. A source told Smokey that a family member may step in to run the business that (by law) Mr White himself can no longer enter.

Registered sex offenders are not allowed (by law) to operate a business or live within a one thousand feet of a school or child day care facility in Tennessee. (Source-TBI-/page 24) According to Mayor Wilson, White has been running the business for over a year.

Local Greenbrier resident Carolyn Goodwin said “People move in and out of communities so much you don’t know what’s next to you, or who.  My grandchildren have frequented that thrift-mall many times” she said.

The sex offender registry states that White was convicted of  “attempted aggravated sexual battery” in April of 1992.  No other info was available.

Jim Ball reporting

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  1. Alice

    This type of sex offender never rehabilates…So they re -offend time and time again.
    Somewhere in the formitave years they like children and it takes a child of a certan type to cause them to become arroused and that causes the re- offence.
    This have been proven over and over.
    This is why they try to keep such close tabs on them by having them regester.
    This should have been caught when he applied for a business liscence, I just pray he has not harmed anyone again and it be unknown.

  2. Benita

    You people who say he has paid his debt obviously need to come out of your cave and take a look at the news. This is one of the most common repeat offenses! Just because he lives in a small town doesn’t make this alright. The law is very clear, he has no business being near the school! As a mom of 4 girls it makes me completely sick to think a sex predator is living/working near my home and watching my girls walk to or from school. He’s a disgusting pig and should be locked up!

  3. Vince

    To Chris drake u wouldn’t be saying that if it was ur wife or kid or family member he did that to any one that does that kind of thing to some one should be in prison for the rest of there life I know for a fact that if this was up north in Illinois he would still be in prison he is a sick man it says it aggravated sexual battery do u even know what that means if not ill tell u it means the man beat the person then sexually raped the person I don’t know about u but in my book and in my eyes THAT IS ONE SICK PERSON
    No girl or man should ever have to go through that in there life sorry I’m just saying and no he should not be taken of that list at all because of that list we found out that a sick persons was taken off the streets thank u god for getting him off the streets

  4. Vince

    It might have been 20 years ago
    But he should still be in prison he is a sick Man I have been in that shop with my wife and kids if I would of know this I would of never went there with my kids I went there cuz of the man we call big rich I would buy video games from him for my boys but now that I know this I will not step foot in that store ever again he should be put back in prison he knew the law and he knew he was braking the law he knew he wasn’t to be with in a 1000 feet of a school little kids go to that store cuz of rich selling video games there he is the cheapest person around there’s no telling what Gary was thinking I sorry but the man should not be aloud to keep the doors open at all that is sick sick sick good no great job to the greenbrier pd and the Mayer and to smokey barn for letting us know the Springfield and the rest of the towns around here like to hide stuff from the public but thanks to smokey barn we fined out about this stuff rich when u get another spot please let me know my son wants more games

    • Richard Mantlo

      Whats up Vinny???/ Well stated my brother. The shop is under new ownership now man. They are going to let me get the booth beside me as well. The new owners are keeping the air on up there as well and not creating a sweat shop atmosphere!!!!!! lol…. Rest assured my friend!!!!!!! The old owner can not step foot near the building ever again!!!!!!!!!! I as a boot owner up here need everyone to keep coming in and shopping with us. After all, If you guys stop showing up and purchasing items from everyone then we all suffer in the end!!!!!! I thank GOD for good friends like you. My phone numbers are still the same. 615-290-7773 or 615-389-9123 ASK FOR RICHARD OR SHANNON!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Richard Mantlo

    This comes as a shock to me. I had heard rumors but I thought it was just that, rumors!!!! I PERSONALLY HAVE NEVER, NOR WILL I EVER CONDONE THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR……….EVER!!!!!!!! . As for my booth up there, I haven’t the slightest idea as to what in store in the near future. If need be, Then I may have to try to venture elsewhere at a later date. My phone numbers are 615-290-7773 or 615-389-9123.