Six Year Old Boy Finds Big Boa At Garner Park In Springfield

After looking around Braxdon noticed a very big bright yellow Boa….Ford trade in value 511Slider Shake

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Sunday April 12, 2015
Springfield, Robertson County, Middle Tenn.

Six Year Old Boy Finds Big Boa At Garner Park In Springfield

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Linda Fleenor of Springfield took her grandson Braxdon Bjork of Greenbrier to the Greenway behind Garner Park. After arriving at the park Braxdon began to explore Sulphur Creek which runs along the Greenway..

Snake boy closeAfter looking around for a while Braxdon (who will be 6 on Monday) noticed a big (very big) bright yellow Boa Constrictor at the edge of the creek,  luckily for Braxdon the snake (measuring over ten feet in length) was dead. The snake appeared to have a full belly so perhaps he ate something that didn’t agree with him.

We hike all the time,” Linda said. “Ya, every Sunday,” Braxdon added. Braxdon said the large snake startled him at first so we went to get Grandma. One look at the snake and Grandma knew it didn’t belong there. Linda made a few calls to officials but being a Sunday everything was closed so she called Smokey.

As far as the type of snake, Robert Moore of Springfield came forward and claimed that the snake was his. Moore told Smokey the snake was an albino Burmese Python and his name was Lestat. Moore said  he has owned the the snake for six years.

Moore said the snake had become ill about three months ago and finally died in his arms on Easter Sunday. Moore said he released the snake in the creek because he took the snake there often. “I didn’t mean to freak everybody out, in hind sight I guess I should have buried it, Moore said.”

If you are an “official” and you feel the need to examine the snake, we have marked it’s location on this map. See photo album below. For Smokey’s video report click here.

Map snake

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Latest Comments
  1. Brian

    Who cares if this guy loved his snake? First off, snakes don’t show love and affection back to people like a dog or cat, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t still love it. I understand that. Secondly, I find it hard to believe he took his snake there to play often. Give me a break. Snakes don’t come back when you whistle or call their name. This thing could have eaten someone’s dog while he was “playing” at the creek. I don’t believe that for one second. If he did take it there often, which I doubt, it probably would not have come back to him. Also, I walk through there often, and I have never seen anyone playing with a python. If I had I would have crapped my pants and never come back. Lastly, If someone’s dog or cat died, and they just took it and dumped it in the creek at the park no one would be defending them. This sounds like a lazy snake owner who was too lazy to bury his snake so he just dumped it by the creek to rot, stink, and be picked at by crows and buzzards. This guy deserves some kind of a fine….Sorry for your loss, but Good Grief people!!

  2. john

    … wow does everything have to be a pissin contest these days? Lol

  3. mollie

    People………..Enough already! Gary Burton…..The day a dead snake kills a person we will need a new law lol…The man had a snake…gave the snake a wonderful life…..snake died in his arms….he took the DEAD snake to their favorite place which obviously he had done in the past with discretion as none of you trail goers had seen it before…obviously he loved this snake…….let it go!!!!!!!! Let it go!!!!

  4. Cheryl Ford

    I don’t want to offend anyone but this story just seems a little odd to me. I hate snakes. They scare me so bad. But just reading this with no opinion on the beginning, it just sounds like there are some pieces of this story still missing.

  5. Viola Harrington

    I am sorry I did not read the whole post. Disregard my previous comments. Just gave my opinion as if it was alive. Again I am sorry

  6. Viola Harrington

    Tyann Musselman, that was not ugly what I said. I said if it was alive. My opinion if it had been alive and left to fend for itself

  7. Sunny

    First off, everyone calling another individual an idiot yet incorrectly spelling simple words should seriously use spell check themselves and remember this is America and we all are free to have our own beliefs and opinions and speaking of EASTER and then downing our fellow men and women totally craps on the fact that the man lost his pet of 6yrs, and while to be honest I HATE SNAKES! My daughters (6&7) happened to visit the creek on Kinneys School just yesterday and came across a 2-3ft snake, i immediately pulled both girls back, snapped a pic to verify the type with my husband, and threw a huge rock at it and we took off. (It was a cotton mouth) Snakes are apart of any given area and just as Some people I know are terrified of dogs, more are terrified of reptiles, even my grown 34yr old husband. BUT SERIOUSLY THIS MAN LOST HIS PET AND WHILE PEOPLE ARE ALL BASHING HIM, even though I hate snakes I will not. because I love my Dogs and if they died I would cry, so I HAVE SYMPATHY FOR HIM. He lost a pet of six years and was grieving its loss, which may have caused a lapse in judgement, but come on. IT WAS ALREADY DEAD. Its not like hes one of those ill minded people letting pet snakes, tigers, or other exotic animals loose just for the heck of it. TO THE GENTLEMAN WHO SET THIS SNAKE TO “REST” AT THE CREEK: I am sorry for your loss. I am also sorry that some people may not understand what it is like to have a pet youve had and grown so close to die on you after watching it get sick and sicker over time.