VIDEO: Special Euthanasia Report From R.C. Animal Control

Special Euthanasia Report From R.C. Animal Control



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  1. Dontez Huskey

    I first want to say good job guys for the work & dedication you guys have. I ertainly know it’s hard work. I am glad the effort is being made to save th animals. I being a former empoyee of Robertson County Animal Control wish that during my 3 years there we would have had the support from the County that you guys have now. I’m glad that the county has shifted it’s focus on being a saviour to the innocent animals. David & Kevin keep up the great work & continue to do all you can to help the animals it really speaks volumes that you work hard to get things done & go the extra mile. I know the Job is hard @ times but @least you have the support & help you need to help you do a great job!!!!!!!

  2. Patricia Harris

    I took my friend Bo from here, He is a beautiful, healthy, friend. He did grow a little more than the “40 more pounds” that was guessed by the staff. He was 92 pounds a year ago. I love him so much. I did have to invest in a underground fence for him, something about the neighbors missing shoes.
    I love him very much, he is sweet, and loves people. I would come to you again if I have the need for a new “friend.” Thank you for my friend “Bo.”