Spin A Pin Lanes Owner Debunks Rumors

Schultz asked Smokey to come by Monday Afternoon to clear up rumors that
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Smokey Barn News
Monday September 8, 2014
Robertson County, Tenn.

Spin A Pin Lanes Owner Debunks Rumors

The owner of Spin-A-Pin Lanes Bowling Alley, Keith Schultz , has a message for Robertson County, Spin-A-Pin is still open and will be open until the end of December. According to Schultz, the property has been acquired by Speedway LLC – Marathon Petroleum Corporation who plans to put in a gas station/convenience store. It will be similar to one recently opened in White House, Schultz said. The construction of the new station wont began until after the first of the year and, contrary to rumors,  Spin-A-Pin is open for business until December.

Spin-A-Pin is the only bowling alley in the Robertson County area and its loss will surely be felt. First opened in 1960 the bowling alley has become a landmark in Springfield.

Schultz asked Smokey to come by Monday Afternoon to clear up rumors that the bowling alley is closed, not true Schultz says, not until the end of December.

Schultz says, Spin-A-Pin will be offering specials up through the end of December so dust off that old bowling ball and come on by….

Spin-A-Pin Lanes is located at 1200 Memorial Blvd, Springfield, TN ‎ (615) 384-7001 ‎MAP

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Latest Comments
  1. Dave Roberts

    Most likely, the owner of the bowling alley property was made an offer by Speedway, and accepted it. Simple as that.

    I don’t think the property is large enough to support a Speedway with truck fueling. My guess is it will be like the new Speedway in White House.

  2. crystal murphey

    As we all know. Springfield is the shortcut frm one interstate to the other. Building more gas stations just attracks more truck drivers and more transists. Which is dangerous in so many ways. On top of that, we r losing a historical landmark to so many people. What they need to do is build a adventure landing. It has so many things to do for children and adults. Just good fun for the whole family and, there is plenty of property space to put one there. Anyways, when they do open this gas station.. i say tht everyone opposed to the idea should never give it business. A store with no customers is just a building.. I agree with almost everyone in this town.. build something that is fun and safe for our children and grand-children to enjoy. It keeps them out of trouble and something constructive for them to do. After all… THEY ARE OUR PAST, PRESENT AND MOST OF ALL OUR FUTURE..


    DO NOT NEED another gas station

  4. Ken Boyd

    Nice to know my hometown is turning into a crime ridden truck stop. You’d think the city leaders would do something to try stop the declining pop. and curb the fact that nearly 20% of its population is well below the poverty line. My suggestion when the bowling alley closes Randstad and Electrolux goes with it and we replace them with companies that will pay a living wage. Where i’m going at with this is the fact that our city leaders are our town into the Detroit of TN

  5. afootupyours

    That would’ve been an excellent spot for a brand spank’n new I-max-theater, you think?