Springfield Family Homeless After House Fire Monday Evening

A Springfield family is homeless after a fire ripped through their home..

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Monday, March 2, 2015
Springfield, Robertson County, Middle  Tenn.

 Springfield Family Homeless After House Fire Monday Evening 


A Springfield family is homeless after a fire ripped through their home Monday evening. Firefighters with Cross Plains, Orlinda and North Robertson Fire were able to save at least a few rooms of the home but the home is not livable.

William Cornes said that after his wife Melisa had gone to bed she got up for a drink of water. On the way to the kitchen she smelled smoke. After a quick survey, Mr Cornes decided the family needed to evacuate the home and within minutes the home was a ball of fire.

Resident William Cornes carries out his dog Shorty from the burned home.  The dog had been kept safe from the fire in a back bedroom. The dog seemed shaken up a little but otherwise unharmed.

There were three people in the home at the time of the fire along with several pets and shelter animals the Cornes were caring for, all got out safely.

The fire started around 9:30pm Monday evening. The home is located on HWY 49, adjacent to Krisle Elementary School. MAP

UPDATE: Around 5:30am Tuesday the fire reignited and unfortunately has been reclassified as a total loss. The red Cross was called for the family which will offer short term help to the family.

The timing of the fire reigniting this morning coincided with the school opening next door. It meant the front driveway of the school was inaccessible due to the location of the fire hydrant and the hoses. The students were dropped off at the curb and the faculty used the back parking area.

We are in contact with the family,  if they decide to reach out to the community for assistance will bring that to you.

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