Springfield High School Principal Suspended On Allegations Of Sexual Harassment.

 Springfield High School principal suspended without pay, pending….
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Springfiel High Principal Suspended slider

Smokey Barn News
Wednesday September 17, 2014
Springfield, Robertson County, Tenn.

Springfield High Principal Suspended On Allegations Of Sexual Harassment

grimes__justin1On Tuesday, September 16, 2014, Springfield High School principal Dr. Justin Grimes was suspended without pay, pending the outcome of an investigation into formal allegations of sexual harassment, according to Robertson County Schools Director Mike Davis.

According to Davis, the investigation into the allegations could take a few weeks. In the absence of Grimes during the investigation several office staff members with Robertson County Schools corporate office will be taking over his responsibilities.

As a result of the ongoing investigation, Davis declined to comment on the specifics of the allegations or how many people were alleged to be involved. Davis did tell us that no students were involved in the allegations.

According to the Robertson County Schools Press Rep Jim Bellis, Police are not part of the investigation.

Dr. Grimes was a teacher at Springfield High and left to pursue other opportunities. According to the Robertson County Schools Website, Dr. Justin Grimes  returned to Springfield High School in 2011 to serve as Principal after serving as Assistant Principal at White House Heritage School for two years and as the Principal of Westside Elementary School for one year.

grimesDr. Grimes taught Spanish and Social Studies for many years in several schools throughout Tennessee and Kentucky. He has also coached basketball, football, baseball and cross-country.

Smokey interviewed Dr Grimes back in March at the dedication of Springfield High’s new Softball field. Click here for that report. 

Smokey has reached out to Dr. Grimes  for comment.

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Latest Comments
  1. Alice

    Brilliant, so pleased to see someone shining light upon this issue. Sadly, this scenario plays out every day in offices, in hospitals, universities and in stores around the world. Harassment happens much too often, and it won’t magically stop on its own. We shouldn’t forget that sexual harassment is against the law.

  2. Cisco SeaCrest

    Funny, those that can’t spell or form a coherent sentence think he’s dead guilty of everything. Those that have basic English skills are for “wait and see” or are supportive. RobCo Schools may need to investigate the English Dept.

  3. The beast

    Let the law take care of this and quit convicting people before their trial!

  4. JC

    I have had dealings with Dr. Grimes, and not good ones. My son was in summer school this past summer at Springfield. Dr. Grimes bullied him several times, once made him stand outside his office with his backpack on for three hours. Dr Grimes called and asked my wife come to pick him up. My wife went to school to pick him up and Dr .Grimes had her come into his office to talk to him with no one else present.
    My son was bullied by him so badly that he did not finish the last few days and after I witnessed him being so upset I just could not make him go anymore.

    I do not know about the allegations listed in the article. What I do know for a fact; he bullied one student, MY SON and by the comments sounds like there were others.

  5. Kayla

    For those of you saying “finally”, “about time” , etc. IF this was really occurring and you knew about it you should have spoke up a long time ago and not from behind a computer screen at that. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, so some of these extremely rude and unnecessary comments are uncalled for.

    • Stephanie

      Kayla, some of us are saying it’s about time because we DID speak out. We didn’t speak out from behind our computer screens. We went to those above us, all the way to the superintendent. We filed complaints. NOTHING was done. We are speaking out here, because no one listened. Lives were affected by this man, it was not just harassment and bullying. We are speaking out because we are in hopes that if enough people do so right now while the story is out there in the press, something will finally be done. THAT is why we are speaking out now. Some are speaking publically for the first time, but trust me, this issue has been on going, and the people in charge knew. For those that say it didn’t involve students, it did. For those saying it was just sexual harassment, it was more. It was bullying, and it was unprofessional behavior toward those working with him who weren’t going to play his sick game.

  6. Nunya

    I’ve dealt with this principal on several occasions and he is a complete idiot. If the allegations are true, he is getting what he deserves. I hope they bring in a more competent principal to Springfield High. The students deserve better.

  7. Connie

    What happened to your innocent until proven guilty! He taught my children Spanish at Springfield High School and I attended parent Teacher conferences. I could not have asked for a better or more dedicated Teacher. His wife is also a wonderful Teacher and person. I don’t believe a word of these allegations. I hope the person that made these allegations is put out to public when all is said and done and gets as much criticism as Dr. Grimes is receiving now!

  8. Concerned Parent

    This is sad. Personally I don’t care about him or his family because he has to answer for his own demons. My concern in this matter is that we leave our children in the care of the faculty on a daily basis expecting that they will be safe. I had my doubts about sending my child to SHS this year because of all the horror stories that you hear. Dr. Grimes reassured us that he was doing everything he could to run a tight ship and was providing a safe learning environment for the students. As it turns out he is part of the horror story. The students are not the concern at that school its obvious that its the faculty. In one day, a bus driver, the principal and a teacher, all people that our kids trust, have been proven to not be trustworthy. Being an adult, I understand that people do make mistakes but to all the people that say that everyone should keep their comments to themselves until they know for sure; I don’t need to know for sure, because I have a 14 year old child in that school that I happen to love very much and myself and any other parent there can voice their opinion however they see fit.

  9. Julie

    Most of the people posting do not even know this man. He is a very nice man with a wonderful family. Please remember when you post that he does have a family and anything nasty you write will affect everyone, not just him. Being a principal at that school is tough I’m sure. Nobody wants to send their kids to springfield. I don’t know how most of the commenters on here make it through life with their poor English, grammar, and ignorance. Nobody is perfect. We have all done bad things in life. Take a look at how you live before casting stones on others.

  10. Lily

    This could be a case of a disgruntled employee and it’s upsetting to even have to read about this before more facts are disclosed. It comes across as gossip that can ruin someone’s life at this point!

  11. Jewelz

    Our principal committed suicide over allegations like this, I hope this woman knows what she is doing and how it will affect his life and his family. If something did happen it should be handled, if not, I feel sorry for the woman for bearing false witness.

    • Julie

      I agree. It’s so easy for someone to make a false accusation and it ruins another persons life forever. People are selfish and don’t think about others, only themselves. That is one major problem in this world.

    • crishoge

      I think they know exactly what they are doing. He has long had a reputation for running a tight ship and I’m sure some would like to see him exit. My daughter had him in Spanish and is skeptical that this is true. Everyone automatically assumes it was a student that filed the complaint, but it was not. I choose to reserve my opinion until the investigation is final.

  12. j. Dabid Holman

    Justin….I Loved teaching at SHS. You personally ripped my POS apart, and me with it. I have recovered from your tactical abuse. One day, I wish to return teaching metal shop…..Hope to here from some students who want me to return.


    J. David Holman

    • Stephanie

      I am so sorry you too, suffered in your career at the hands of this man.

  13. Thomas

    Can people be so ignorant. People have to voice an opinion no matter who it hurts. Do you not realize he has a family and the words hurt them more than they hurt him. The man is innocent until all the truth has been told.