Springfield Man Dragged 500 Feet By A Car  


Springfield Man Dragged 500 Feet By A Car  

A Springfield man has been hospitalized after being dragged more than 500 feet by a car in the parking lot of the Memorial Plaza shopping center in Springfield. The incident ocered around 4:15PM Sunday Afternoon. The Shopping center is located between 5th Ave and 8Th on Memorial Blvd. Witnesses told police that the man was talking to someone in a red KIA when the car took off with the man attached to the side of the car. The man was bleeding heavily and was taken via ground to SkyLine Medical Center in Nashville.

The suspect is still at large. See video for full report.

Anyone with information regarding this case is encouraged to contact Springfield police at 615-384-8422 or Crime Stoppers at 615-382-3799.

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  1. afootupyours

    Springfield was at its best when it was predominately white. I’m not prejudice, I just feel more crimes happen in the Black community more than ever. they don’t to work, they rather steal from the governor’s pocket; living in projects, looking for handouts; free food etc. But there is one thing for sure, they love to breed and have more mouth than they can feed, crimes are then raise to its peak; they steal, they lie, they cheat and will do it with a straight face. their descendants try to run the streets, and don’t have sense enough to spell street, these are crack-heads of the ghetto, a generation of “crack-head crabs in a bucket”, aren’t going anywhere but back down as slaves fighting among each other in a nightmare, as “Master live the American dream”. Only a few Blacks make it into the American Dream and reap the benefits they and their descendants deserve, but the rest think the only way is to do what’s on the streets; drugs, prostitution, stealing etc. and are raised to believe this is the American Dream when it is only a nightmare, when will you wake up from the nightmare? Good morning!

  2. stephanie

    Thank god my brother is ok! It could have been a lot worse. He has a broke leg, cracked ankle, broke ribs, lots of cuts and road rash, internal bruising, left side of his face scraped off and a wound in his right arm that is still not known if its a gun shot wound or a stab wound.. He’s very very lucky thank god he’s ok i sure hope the guy,which we know who it is has god on is side