Springfield Man Gets Life For Candice Owens Murder

“I’ll be happy when people stop killing each other around here.”Candice Owens slider

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Thursday May 8, 2014
Springfield Tennessee

Springfield Man Gets Life For Candice Owens Murder


Thomas Lamont Dowlen

Back in July of 2011 the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation added Springfield murder suspect Thomas Lamont Dowlen to its Top Ten Most Wanted list.  Dowlen, was wanted by Springfield Police on one count of criminal homicide and two counts of aggravated assault after the shooting of  Candice Owens of Greenbrier.  Owens, mother of two and just 28 at the time of the murder, was born in Robertson County and had worked as a clerk at the Springfield Inn.

The shooting happened at 109 12th Avenue East on the afternoon of June 30, 2011 according to a WKRN News 2 report. The victim, Candice Owens, died after being shot multiple times, first in the legs and then in the torso, according to Springfield police Detective Rickie Morris.

According to a news 2 report, Dowlen had a lengthy history of violence and arrests dating back to 1997 that included resisting arrest, felony possession of a handgun, possession of stolen property, failure to appear, aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and driving on a suspended license.

By September of that same year Dowlen was captured in Georgia and he’s been in custody ever since, according to Detective Morris. Dowlen was located at a business on Dean’s Bridge Road in Augusta, GA.

Candice2The trial started Monday morning and today the case against Dowlen was presented to the jury. The jury started deliberating around 10:30 this morning, and by 11:40am they had made a decision, guilty. Dowlen was found guilty of 1st Degree Premeditated Murder and sentenced to Life.

Smokey spoke to the Springfield Detective that worked the case, Rickie Morris. Morris
 said “Justice was served, and I’m appreciative of all the hard work everyone did assisting us, especially D.A. Jason White, and the jury. I feel some satisfaction for the family, though I know Dowlen’s conviction will not bring Candice back it might bring her family some closure but I’m not happy. I’ll be happy when people stop killing each other around here.”

According to Morris, Candice Owens’ brother had punched Dowlen in the face behind a tobacco store on Central Ave and Dowlen later came looking for him. Dowlen came upon Candice at a home on 12th Avenue East in Springfield, the two exchanged words and… “Dowlen shot Candice’s legs out from under her and when she fell, Dowlen walked up on her and shot the rest of the bullets into her body.”

Smokey’s partner WKRN News 2 Contributed to this report.

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  1. monica northington

    God have mercy and both families

  2. afootupyours

    He was only acting out what the average thug or dealer is all about, they are no different from each other, they are all walking time bombs. It’s only a matter of time they will explosed in your face, bringing you great harm, grief and shame. Dope will only make you a dummy in a relationship of endless devastation, imprisonment after imprisonment funerals after funerals, with them their great possession end in death, then those things that are useful and legal will belong to another.

  3. Emilou Wilson

    I miss you Candice so very much. Love yall

    • Sara

      Hey where have you been at? Still living in orlinda??

  4. afootupyours

    What’s good about a “murderer?” …………….(answer?) they are put to death.

  5. afootupyours

    Another “Bad family deal” mind what family you mess with, you could be messing with the Devil himself. Crackheads hang with drug dealers.


    My heart goes out to Candice’s family. Has anyone ever thought about Thomas’s kids. Yes he was put in a situation that he is now paying for. But there are kids out there that loves their daddy and can read the things that are being said. For you that don’t know him. I know him very well. He is not a monster, he just got caught up in a ugly situation. He is a quite and friendly person. He is a loving father, great son and good friend. Yes I understand everyone has issues with him. But who are you to judge. He has to deal with God and not man. As for as tax dollars taking care of him. He paid enough tax dollars to take care of his self so is his family. So believe me he is good. He has a praying mother, a praying family and praying friends. When true prayers goes up blessings are sure to come down………….With that being said to his mother keep praying. Prayer changes things. To his kids keep your heads held high cause your daddy would want you to stand fast. To the Owen family you will always be in my prayers. To the kids of Candice keep your head up and always remember the goodness of your mother. To everyone on here with negativity God is in control. I pray nothing like this ever happens to one of your family members.

  7. Doug Heighton

    Another case down. One more thug in prison. Now let’s get the cowards who murdered Christopher “Topher” Nash in August 2011! And while we’re at it, let’s get the Jennifer and Adrienne Wix case solved as well!

  8. Dawn Rowland

    Thomas got what he deserved! Actually i wish the law promitted the families of murdered victims to handle the killer any way they wanted but we cant so this is better than him walking away and i hope everyday he lives in prison he gets the hell beat out of him!!! R.I.P CANDICE MARIE OWENS you are greatly missed and mamma kim too!!!