Springfield Neighbors Says “Slow Down” On Cheatham St; Want More Action From City

Springfield Neighbors Says “Slow Down” Want More Action From City

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – If you drive down Cheatham St. in Springfield you might think someones running for office but if you take a closer
you will realize that the signs are delivering the same message, “Slow down”.

The signs were put up by neighbors that are fed up by people driving to fast while there are children out playing and they are concerned that someone is going to get hurt.

Smokey Barn News talked with Dana Risk who lives on the street, he says people need to slow down, stop texting and pay attention when they drive because they will find it hard to live with themselves if they injured a child.

UPDATE: June 1/2016

Springfield Police Respond Quickly To Speeder Complaints

The residents on Cheatham St in Springfield have had it with speeders so they got together and posted (SLOW DOWN) signs in their yards that passersby’s can’t miss.

Now just days after a story on Smokey Barn News, (see video report below) Springfield Police wasted no time going after speeders. They have started with a speed monitor sign and told us that there is more in the works.

Springfield Police told Smokey Barn News today that they take neighborhood speeding seriously and didn’t know speeding on Cheatham Street was such an issue until seeing our story.

Now that they know, Springfield Police will be monitoring the traffic and encouraging drivers to slow down.


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