Springfield Recycling Reopens In Springfield

 Smokey Barn News, September 9, 2013, Springfield TN

Springfield Recycling Reopens In Springfield

IMG_0656 Meet Shorty Maynard, he’s a local businessman who’s always willing to take a chance on something he believes in. Shorty got his name because (you guessed it) he’s not real tall, (physically that is) but in every way that matters, Shorty’s a giant. He’s an engineering genius and anybody who’s anybody in Springfield knows Shorty.  We met Shorty sometime back when we needed some custom fabrication done on set props for Smokey Barn’s live broadcasts. As a mechanical engineer, he’s one of the best.

IMG_0661Now he’s bought the old Springfield Recycling Center in Springfield and he’s ready to serve your needs. He’s buying aluminum, copper, radiators, aluminum cans, stainless, car batteries and more. He pays by the pound according to what it’s worth. Shorty bought the business in June and after modernization,  upgrades, and modifications to the building, he reopened the business and says he’s ready to serve your recycling needs.

IMG_0658Shorty is very experienced with all kinds of materials, devices, construction or whatever your needs may be. Depending on what you have he may even come get it. He has even done home salvage, he would pull out wonderful old wood architecture from homes slated to be torn down.  He has a great eye for finding some wonderful architectural pieces from those old homes. Now Shorty’s going after a slightly different market but whatever you got, bring it by Shorty’s, if he can’t tell you what it is or what it’s worth no one can. A lot of people throw out stuff that’s worth money, that’s cold hard cash tossed in the trash every day in Robertson County, let alone the impact on the environment.

shorty patchSo whether you’re living ‘Green’ or you just want to make a little extra cash on your scrap metal, or you have some big old thing you just need to get rid of, call Shorty.

Their hours are 8 to 5 and 8 to 12 on Saturdays. They’re located at 728 Bill Jones Industrial Drive in Springfield. MAP TO STORE Or call them at (615) 382-1282

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