SPRINGFIELD: Two Shot, One Dead In Drive By Shooting Monday Night

Witnesses said an unknown vehicle drove by and started shooting….Learn about new services at Northcrest
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Monday November 10, 2014
White House, Robertson County, Tenn.

SPRINGFIELD: Two Shot, One Dead In Drive By Shooting Monday Night

SPRINGFIELD: Two Shot, One Dead In Drive By Shooting Monday Night


Brandon Gardner (R) Courtesy: WKRN News 2

Two people have been shot in Springfield and one man has died in what police are calling a drive by shooting Monday evening.. Police responded to a report of gunshots at the intersection of East 18th Ave and South Main St (location of shooting) around 8:00PM.

Witnesses at the scene told officers that an unknown make and model vehicle drove by and started shooting.

When police arrived they found a man on the ground and a courageous citizen performing C.P.R. The man, identified as Brandon Lamont Gardner, 30, of Springfield was transported to Northcrest Medical Center in Springfield where he was pronounced deceased.

Back on May 11, Brandon Gardner, a father of five,  was shot and drove himself to the hospital. He had been shot multiple times in the chest, arms, legs and groin, he survived.

A second victim was also shot. Officers were dispatched to Northcrest Medical Center around the same time in reference to a male arriving by a private vehicle with a gunshot wound to the leg. The man was identified as Mandrekus Young age 21 of Springfield. Young was airlifted to Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville with non-life threatening injuries. Police have not indicated how, why or if Young’s shooting is connected to the incident on Main St.  due to the ongoing investigation.

IMG_1130Police were investigating  two locations in relation to the shooting Monday evening. The primary location seemed to be at East 18th Ave and South Main. Police were collecting shell casings in the street and examining a home for bullet fragments lodged in the front of the home. Police had the entire intersection taped off and Main St closed for about two hours as they investigated the scene.

The second location was on Short Cheatham St. At that location police were investigating a vehicle that clearly had multiple bullet holes on the drivers side and all four tires were flat.

Anyone with information regarding this case is encouraged to contact Springfield police at 615-384-8422 or Crime Stoppers at 615-382-3799. All information is anonymous and Crime stoppers will pay up to $1000.00 for information that leads to an arrest.

Video report coming soon.

Smokey’s thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Brandon Gardner as they face this difficult time.


Man Drives Himself To Hospital After Being Shot Multiple Times

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  1. charles

    i am one who used to live in this town and know first hand the police DO NOTHING to help stop these assurances from happening yes they only worry about getting a check and when honesty people call and make reports the person calling gets put through the wringer in stead of getting help that’s the reason i moved my family away from Springfield tn now there’s you some words to go through jimbob the grammar Nazi by the way some people cant better themselves if the police don’t protect them and try calling the police in Springfield about some type of illegal activity and see what happens you too will be saying its time to move.

  2. it don't matter

    even if someone was to give names the police still won’t do nothing ….. they don’t care about people in the projects they care about they checks

  3. G.R.

    You know it amazes me how it always comes down to blaming the police officers. I have never went down S. Main and not seen police present DOING THEIR JOB. The reason nothing is changing in that neighborhood is because the very people who know the shooters are the ones that do not want to cooperate with the officers. If the people of the community want things to change they are going to have to be willing to turn people in for what ever illeagal activity they are doing.


    This is uncalled for. This man had 5 kids to take care of. People need to stop with the violence and take care of their families. All the murders in this town over the last year. I have been in this town for 12 years. And I can honestly say that Springfield is at its worst. And the police are sitting back collecting their paychecks while others are being robbed and killed. If the police would clean up all the neighborhoods, Kick more than half of the people out of Government housing, by providing these “Projects” to these people is not helping them but DISABLING them!! Allowing them to pay $40 a month for rent so they can sit on their front porches and sell drugs and stay high and drunk. When all these people can get off their butts and work. Springfield is ALLOWING this to happen. By doing nothing!! Good job Springfield Police Department!!

  5. jshaley

    becoming a nightly a currency

    • JimBob

      That reply is a great reason why springfield has become a terrible town. It’s the uneducated residents that’s bringing the town down. A currency???