Super Tuesday: If It was Up To Robertson County… (Full Election Report)

Robertson County Voted Super Tuesday 2016
Super Tuesday: If It was Up To Robertson County…

(Full Election Report)

ROBERTSON COUNTY TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) –  Super Tuesday has now come and gone, so how did Robertson County line up with the rest of the nation so far?

The following results are for Robertson County ONLY.

According to Robertson County election results, after all the votes were counted at the end of the day on Super Tuesday Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton ended up on top.

On the Republican side Donald Trump landed 4,077 votes in Robertson County, Ted Cruz came in second with 3,013 votes and Marco Rubio took third with 1,566 votes, Ben Carson (now out of the race) received 820 votes and John Kasich received 278 votes.

On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton acquired 1,918 votes and Bernie Sanders acquired 827 votes.

Voter turnout was roughly 30 percent higher this year, up by almost 50% from the 2012 March primary, according to Cathy W. Hamsley Robertson County Administrator of Elections.

We have decided to add the Entire Voting Report for those of you that would like to see all the numbers across the board. Note that the numbers will not be official until March 21. You will also note that there are candidates on the ballot that have bowed out of the race for president. That is due to a requirement that the ballot be completed 45 days before the election.

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