TBI Arrests Two With Springfield Ties For Alleged Sexual Exploitation of Minors

Farmer and McQuiston groomed, coerced and solicited sex for money from…
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Smokey Barn News Monday February 24, 2014 Robertson County, Tenn.

TBI Arrests Two With Springfield Ties For Sexual Exploitation of Minors

According to a release Smokey has obtained from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, special Agents of the T.B.I arrested two people with ties to Springfield TN for alleged sexual exploitation of two minors after a two year long investigation.

At the request of the District Attorney General John Carney, TBI began an investigation on February 28, 2012 into the possibility of  alleged sex crimes being committed against two minors, a male and a female. These crimes occurred between January 2010 and May 2010.

Edward Farmer

Edward Farmer

On February 19, 2014, a Robertson County Grand Jury returned indictments against Edward Farmer, age 55, of Springfield and (his girlfriend at the time of the incidents) Catrina McQuiston, 28 (also from Springfield).  According to the T.B.I, statements of those questioned indicated that Farmer and McQuiston allegedly groomed, coerced and solicited sex for money from the two minor victims for several months. These alleged actions were the cause of the sexual assault of both minors by McQuiston at the direction of Farmer who was present and watched the sexual assault of the minors, according to the T.B.I.

Catrina McQuiston

Catrina McQuiston

Farmer was indicted on two counts of Especially Aggravated Exploitation of a Minor, two counts of Conspiracy to Commit Especially Aggravated Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, two counts of Solicitation of a Minor, two counts of Criminal Responsibility for Aggravated Statutory Rape and one count of Attempted Tampering with Evidence.

McQuiston was indicted on two counts of Especially Aggravated Exploitation of a Minor, two counts of Conspiracy to Commit Especially Aggravated Sexual Exploitation of a Minor and one count of Aggravated Statutory Rape.

Monday Feduary 24, McQuiston was arrested by TBI Agents in Davidson County and Farmer surrendered at the Robertson County Jail. McQuiston was transported to the Robertson County Jail and has a bond amount of $10,000. Farmer was released on his own recognizance. This investigation is still active and ongoing.

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  1. stealtoeupyour's

    Can you say, the Illuminati is at work?

  2. stealtoeupyour's

    These two get off on watching children. it would have been cheaper getting an adult mag, you jack ***, now was the live show worth it? you both discuss me “Wart face and dorky in Methland”.

  3. Albert Fuqua

    This is only a small part of the big story. The real story includes six or more lawers, almost all of the judges, 4 or more, the D.A. office.
    2 grand jury foremen and two or more grand jury members either in direct crimes or there cover up. If you want two know the truth follow the money.

  4. Albert Fuqua

    This is only a small part of the real story. You should know all of the story. There is about half a dozen lawers, 4 or more judges, and 2 to 4 from the D.A office and 1 or 2 grand jury foreman that played some part in this or its cover up. If you want to know the truth follow the money.

  5. a.n.d 2014

    I hope justice is served to both…if they are guilty, bc I know innocent until proven guilty… Im not judging but I know the family she married into. I just hope she isn’t like them

  6. Chris B

    Wow!!!! Not judging, but knowing the people involved we know the truth. They’ll pay.. (if found guilty) . Funny how they praise thier innocence now. BURN IN HELL

  7. Jennifer

    Didn’t Eddie kick you out (Lindsay Thomas ) and moved Catrina in??? You were one of Fletcher’s girls too?? You used to hate Catrina…. What did y’all fall back in love at the cabin????? Or is your old boss paying you to say this stuff???

    • sonny freeman

      Wasn’t Lindsey pet name at eds office LITTLE SNOW QUEEN?

  8. Jennifer

    Crystal Murphy please do us all a favor and stfu. You are always on someones page/forum/blog whatever, runnin that mouth, i guess its cause you got new teeth. IDK. But please have a seat somewhere.

  9. James Moore

    If this stuff did happen it was when Farmer was Fletcher Long’s partner in Springfield and Catrina “worked” for both of them!!!!!Gasaway would have nothing to do with this…

    • sonny freeman

      Wasn’t she just indicted with long on a criminal charge? Birds of a feather

  10. Jennifer

    Catrina is innocent.. whatever.. They should both be in jail.. She obviously would hurt a child.. she did didnt she? They obviously have evidence to that affect….

    • Lindsay

      Did you see her do it? Innocent until proven guilty. Your not supposed to judge that’s God’ s job!

  11. OR Bond = Snitch

    OR Bond means he is going to meet with the TBI when released and start singing like a bird on the judge and his wife…… I bet he will turn snitch real quick to save himself.

  12. Politics as usual

    This looks like a purely political timing. I am guessing an indictment may come down for judge John Gasaway or his wife sometime between now and election time to open the door for Danny Broillier to get the judgeship John Gasaway currently holds. Danny couldn’t win a fair fight anyway. These charges have been floating around for years and there have always been rumors of more involving Gasaway, Long and Farmer. I hope they have not hurt other kids while this investigation was ongoing so long and hope the shoe falls on the others sooner rather than later.

  13. No way Gasaway

    Where is Judge John Gasaway at now? Wasn’t this his wife’s law partner.