The Daily Brief – Week of July 8th to July 14th

The Daily Brief - Week of July 8th to July 14th

The Daily Brief – Week of July 8th to July 14th

STORIES- Spft Hwy crash, Kinneys Rd crash, Trump shot, Semi rollover, Daily Brief Changes, Teen still missing…

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Clarksville Police seek help identifying two home invasion suspects who entered a residence on June 29, 2024, tied up a female victim, and stole her belongings. Contact Det. Rodney Lockerman at (931) 648-0656 ext. 5299 with information. For anonymous tips, call Crime Stoppers at 931-645-TIPS (8477) or visit

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Here’s a look at that two-vehicle motor crash on Springfield Highway near Williamson Road. The crash occurred Sunday afternoon around 4 pm. Officials were not available for comment.  Photographers: Beth and Brayden Barnhill

We have some photos of Saturday’s rollover crash on Kinneys Rd. The crash was positioned 2.7 miles from Adams Tennessee. Reported as a noninjury crash. 


“Drop the gun!” Standoff in Springfield at the C&D Market ends with one in custody. VIDEOS: 1) Haley Day 2) Lucky Eye

We have a report of a rollover crash on Kinneys Rd. The crash is positioned 2.7 miles from Adams Tennessee. This will be a noninjury crash.  UPDATE: ROAD CLEAR

Shooter takes aim at former President Trump.. SATURDAY
Former President Donald Trump was grazed by a bullet at a campaign rally in Butler Pennsylvania this afternoon. Trump was immediately surrounded by the Secret Service and military personnel. Moments later, he emerged waving his arms to the large crowd to indicate that he was OK. As Trump spoke you could hear what sounded like several shots fired. He reached for his ear and he was clearly bleeding. We have also learned that one person (presumably a rally attendee) is dead and another injured by gun fire. We’re still waiting for an official announcement from the Secret Service on his status but reportedly Trump is in good condition.

UPDATE: A message from Trump..
“I want to thank The United States Secret Service, and all of Law Enforcement, for their rapid response on the shooting that just took place in Butler, Pennsylvania. Most importantly, I want to extend my condolences to the family of the person at the Rally who was killed, and also to the family of another person that was badly injured. It is incredible that such an act can take place in our Country. Nothing is known at this time about the shooter, who is now dead. I was shot with a bullet that pierced the upper part of my right ear. I knew immediately that something was wrong in that I heard a whizzing sound, shots, and immediately felt the bullet ripping through the skin. Much bleeding took place, so I realized then what was happening. GOD BLESS AMERICA!”

Oops: SATURDAY FACEBOOK  Sorry about the sidewalk post. We did some research and apparently (as several of you stated) it’s been there for at least a year. We traced it back to 2022 on Google Maps.

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I-24 near Clarksville is experiencing issues in both directions. We are working to obtain more information from officials but we have a report of at least one crash. If you plan to head into Kentucky on I-24, or if you are traveling from Clarksville to Nashville or into Robertson County, you might want to reconsider your route. We getting calls from people stuck in the traffic and Google’s cell tracker is showing major blockages.
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WEDNESDAY We have an update for you on that tractor-trailer rollover crash on Highway 49 near Main Street in Pleasant View early Wednesday morning. MAP The crash occurred just before 4 AM. Reported as a non-injury crash. The cause of the crash was not available. Photos: Clint Gregory. Powered by: Payne Chevrolet

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