Thieves Target White House Cracker Barrel Parking Lot

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Thieves Target White House Cracker Barrel Parking Lot

WHITE HOUSE TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Several vehicles were broken into at the Cracker Barrel parking lot in White House located at 370 Hester Dr.

The incident occurred Wednesday, September 30.  White House officials told Smokey Barn News that the target seemed to be purses, even though some attempt was made by the victims to hide them inside the vehicles. Thieves know that women will hide their purses behind seats or under papers, sweaters, jackets or even garbage so it’s best to place valuables in the trunk if you cant take them with you.

Officials say that on Wednesday thieves hit three vehicles in the Cracker Barrel parking lot and escaped with two purses and two wallets. The thieves immediately went to Davidson County and used credit cards taken from the vehicles.

We usually see a spike in burglaries around the holidays, especially Christmas time, according to White House Police Chief Pat Brady,  “We have had people from out of state breaking into vehicles looking for debit or credit cards.

Once they have the cards they immediately try to use them before the cards are turned off or reported stolen. If you can’t take your valuables with you, lock them in the trunk. That will make it more difficult for thieves to just quickly smash out a window and grab whatever they can.”

The thieves are still at large, anyone with information about this crime is urged to contact White House police at 615-672-4903

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