Three Bad Wrecks In Three days On Tom Austin In Springfield

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  Smokey Barn News, August 25, 2013 Springfield Tennessee

IMG_0330Around 8:30PM Sunday evening the third of three bad accidents over the weekend occurred on Tom Austin Hwy. This accident occurred near the intersection of  Mariview Dr on Ton Austin Hwy in Springfield (Location Of Wreck). Friday evening five people were hospitalized in two separate wrecks on Tom Austin Hwy within less then an hour. It doesn’t look like there is any reason to connect the three wrecks, other than all three happened at night and they all occurred within about a mile and a half of each other. To see Friday’s wrecks go here.

The occupants of this wreck were by far the luckiest of the three accidents. Both walked away virtually unscathed. Their cars however did not fair so well. The accident is still under investigation by the THP but two witnesses told Smokey that the two vehicles collided as the driver of the silver vehicle (in the field) was attempting to turn into his driveway. They narrowly avoided a head on collision.

duiAfter a field sobriety test the driver of the silver vehicle Robert C. Meddaugh was taken into custody and transported to the Robertson County detention facility in Springfield.

As soon as we have the THP’s report we will let you know if it offers any new information on the accident. Other than the THP, the White House Volunteer Fire Department, EMS and EMA responded to the scene.

Jim Ball reporting

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We bring you ALL the News in Robertson County, Tennessee.

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