Three Front Yard ‘Armed’ Robberies In As Many Days (Springfield)

Three Front Yard ‘Armed’ Robberies In As Many Days (Springfield)three springfield robberies slider

Smokey Barn News
Tuesday June 10, 2014
Springfield, Tenn.

Three Front Yard ‘Armed’ Robberies In As Many Days (Springfield)

It was just this past Friday that Smokey broke the story of three men, all with guns, robbing a Springfield man in front of his own home.  Now police think these same men may have struck again, two more times. All of the alleged robberies have taken place within three days and within a 3 mile radius in Springfield. (See MAP)

Funeral services ad 300These are not robberies of banks or businesses but ordinary citizens in front of their own homes. The first alleged robbery (as stated above) was last Friday June 6th around 11:00pm. The robbery took place in the 200 Block of 16th Ave E.,  between Main and Batts Blvd in Springfield. According to Springfield Police, three men (each armed with a gun) robbed a 57 year old man in his front yard in Springfield around 11PM Friday evening. According to a witness and the victim, a blue van or Caravan type of vehicle was driving up and down the street by their home.  They didn’t think much of the van until it stopped and three men wearing masks jumped out and robbed one of the men. (Full Story)

The next alleged robbery occurred two days later on Sunday June 8, at 6:50 PM.  Police officers were dispatched to the 1400 block of Westgate Drive, in Springfield, in reference to a robbery. A husband and wife reported that as they were getting their children out of their vehicle they were robbed by two men at gunpoint.  The victim’s stated that both suspects were armed with handguns and that the suspects took the man’s wallet and his wife’s purse. The couple and their children were not injured during the incident.

The third robbery also took place on Sunday June 8, just 4 hours later. Around 10:00pm on June 8th Springfield Police Officers were dispatched to the 4oo block of Laramie  in reference to a robbery. A man reported he was robbed by three men at gunpoint as he was walking from his driveway to his residence. The victim stated that the suspects took his wallet that contained a small amount of cash. The victim was not injured during the incident.

One suspect is described to be approximately 5’10-180 lbs wearing blue pants, red shirt and a black bandanna. A second suspect is described to be approximately 5’10-180 lbs wearing blue pants and a white shirt. In the first robbery the suspects were said to all have slender builds and wearing dark clothing and masks.   In all three cases the suspects are described as African-American or dark skinned.

Quincy Darshon MitchellAccording to police, there could be as many as 4 suspects and they believe that all three robberies are connected. Police believe they may have identified one of the suspects in at least one of the robberies. The suspect is identified as Quincy Darshon Mitchell, 19. Mitchell was located and arrested on June 9th. Mitchell was charged with Aggravated Robbery and his bond was set at $15,000.00. Mitchell bonded out the same day.

Anyone with any information regarding these three robberies is encouraged to contact Springfield Police at 615-384-8422 or Crime Stoppers at 615-382-3799.  All information is anonymous and Crime stoppers will pay up to $1000.00 for information that leads to an arrest.

Please remember that all suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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  1. Springfield police are pussies

    Springfield police wont do anything because there to damn scared they might get hurt hell they got empty cop cars sitting around town all you do is see them riding around the main roads there two damn scared to go where the crime is springfield is going to hell in a hand basket while our police just sit back and watch it happen you let them little XXXXXX come in my yard and try to rob me they wont need the police they will need a clean up crew to come get there brains out of my yard.

  2. afootupyours

    Springfield, Tn. need at least 2 to 3 dispatchers near the phones. What dummy decided to put a machine to answer our emergency calls. You would have to first listen to all the “Bull” before you actually get someone to the phone. I believe the Polices are pushed in a corner scared to death. If we get the Officers to come out of hidding, maybe Springfield will be a better place with less crimes. We need California Police brutality on crimnals please!.

  3. Kathrine

    Oh No! Get involved you say? I and my husband sat and watched drugs being dealt for months right across the street from our home. Cars went in and out like a fast food drive thru. I called the city and the county. Do you think they did anything? NO! It went on for over a year until the people moved. MOVED NOT ARRESTED!!!! So now they are somewhere in your community. So go ahead get involved. Call your local law enforcement. Maybe you will have better luck than I. After all it is an election year and that seems to be the only time we see our Sheriff out smiling with the public.

    • afootupyours

      I so agree with you on this one thing, “The dispatch in Robertson county sucks!” you can bet the dispatcher is being paid to do what they do, take their time when it comes to crime. I too had called several times on various occassions, but to my luck the dispatcher had a long conversation with me, while the crime escalated to a fight, still no officer. then once the unnessecary conversation was over between me and the dispatcher, he asked where was the problem, what race were the people, what were they wearing. The dispatcher sounds like a ex-criminal himself on the other end of the phone, or a friend or family member of the mentioned residence, the Officer finally showed up but passed slowly by the house with his flood light on, then left.

  4. Candyman

    I was one of the victims of the robberies. I’m still afraid to walk out. I turn 60 in August. I gave up around 100 bucks and a empty wallet. The bad part is none of the 3 guns have turned up even though I positive id one of them. 15,000 bond is an insult. Just to get out and do the same damn thing. Time to go over somebody head & get robbers off the streets. Just think if I said no, 3 guns. No excuses accepted. T.B.I. in the a.m.

    • afootupyours

      Could the Police be involved? I mean they are humans and many Officers had been caught driving dirty. Could it be? sure. ” All Cops are not good Cops” some are handling business on the streets black market special cheap, you’ll be surprised; from, sex, drugs, murder for hire, violence and robberies.