Three Year Old Ejected In Rollover Accident After Driver Flees Checkpoint

Tennessee Highway Patrol driver’s license checkpoint Friday….
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Smokey Barn News January 10, 2014 Springfield, Tenn.

Three Year Old Ejected In Rollover Accident After Driver Flees Checkpoint
standard Tennessee Highway Patrol driver’s license checkpoint in Springfield unexpectedly transitioned into a police pursuit ending in a rollover accident Friday that injured three people. The occupants are identified as David Foster, 24, of Nashville who was driving the 2003 Buick Century and his sister Karlisha L. Pettis, 23, of Springfield. The a three year old boy not identified. The checkpoint was set up at the intersection of Old Greenbrier Pike and Oakland Road. The driver headed southbound on Old Greenbrier Pike shortly after 10AM this morning and (for reasons unknown at this time) decided to turn around and flee the checkpoint.

Sgt. Bill MillerAccording to Sgt. Bill Miller with the Tennessee Highway Patrol, the THP pursued the vehicle about a mile when the driver veered off the road across a grassy area crashing into an embankment and landing upside down in a creek bed.   The three year old boy was ejected from the vehicle and tossed into the creek. He was found standing in the creek after the wreck. The woman and child were taken by ambulance to Vanderbilt and the man was taken by ambulance to Skyline Medical Center.

It is legal to turn around at a police Drivers licence or DUI checkpoint. In this case what triggered the pursuit (according to the THP) was that the driver pulled into a driveway and backed out in an aggressive manner. In doing so the driver also broke three laws according to the THP, (1) it is not legal to back out onto a main highway or (2) 500 feet from the crest of a hill or (3) a curve, the driver did all three, according to police.  Additionally we learned from the THP that an opened container of whisky was found in the vehicle.

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