Tom Austin Hwy Widening In Springfield: (What’s Up?)

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Tom Austin Hwy Widening: (What’s Up?)

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – Gauging by the letters and calls Smokey Barn News has received in recent weeks, the long awaited project to widen Tom Austin Hwy in Springfield seems to be off to a slow start. “They started and then stopped,” one reader said. Another said, “It’s hurting my business.” After looking over your letters Smokey did some checking and here’s what we found out.

First: This is a two year project that until it is completed will make navigation even more challenging than it was before TDOT started the project. You’ve heard the term “No pain, no gain,” well that applies here too.

Smokey spoke to city officials and here’s the consensus: It’s a long awaited project that in the end will benefit businesses and customers alike. It will make it easier to get in and out of driveways and at the same time keep traffic moving. It will also make it safer to navigate the businesses on Tom Austin, reduce accidents and ultimately be a boost for local commerce.

When the project is completed, Springfield City leaders and the Robertson County Chamber of Commerce will have an easier time recruiting wonderful new businesses to the area.

The down side; It will take time to get there. Springfield City Manager Paul Nutting had this to say. “For the benefit of the city it needed to be done, what we ask of the community is that they extend a little patience and courtesy to each other during the project. If you see someone trying to exit a driveway, let them out. If we all work together with a little extra courtesy and patience we will get this project behind us and then we can all enjoy the benefits it will bring.”

Remember: All the businesses on Tom Austin Hwy are open and ready to serve you during the construction, so go on by and get that delicious shake, burger, pizza, car wash, tune-up, plumbing wrench, new car or tank of gas, they all have a great big smile with your name on it.

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