Tonight: Time To Spring forward, Check Smoke Alarm Batteries


Tonight: Time To Spring forward, Check Smoke Alarm Batteries

Tonight: Time To Spring forward, Check Smoke Alarm Batteries

ROBERTSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE: SmokeyBarn News) –  Is your clock a time machine? It will be tonight if you forget to set it forward one hour! To save terrible embarrassment at church in the morning, set your clocks forward one hour to avoid being the only family walking in as everyone else is leaving for lunch. Sure, you can quickly turn around and laugh real loud in the hopes that no one knows but guilt will eat you alive for years! The safer path is to just set your clocks back right now!!

This is also an opportune time to change the batteries in your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

Every home should have working smoke alarms to provide an early warning. Statistics show that most fatal fires occur at night and almost every day a life is saved because of a working smoke alarm.

The maximum lifespan of Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are generally 8-10 years. Please test old units, if they do not respond properly when tested, they should be replaced immediately for the safety of you and your family.

If you have health issues and can’t change the batteries yourself, many Fire Departments will come to your home and change them free of charge. Some fire departments may supply the batteries, some may not. Some local Fire Departments even have programs that offer free smoke detectors to residents within their coverage area if you ask. Contact your local fire department with any questions you may have.

Speaking of time, if you didn’t know it already, Jim Ball of Smokey Barn News managed the Robertson County Courthouse clock for 15 years! The clock was one of the most accurate courthouse clocks in the nation with no more than a 5-second variance!  Jim rebuilt the old clock in 2006 during the courthouse restoration fabricating many parts himself. So if you are new to Smokey Barn News, enjoy Jim’s delightful tour of the Courthouse clock and roof above. PS: Don’t forget to set your clocks forward first!!

VIDEO Clock Tower Tour AFTER YOU WATCH THE VIDEO, click HERE for some interesting photographs of the Robertson County Court House Tower Clock.

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