Tree Crashes Through Home In Sundays Storm

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Tree Crashes Through Home In Sundays Storm

SPRINGFIELD TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn News) – A Springfield home sustained heavy damage after a very large tree crashed through the roof during Sunday’s strong winds and rain.

The call came into 911 around 1:30am Sunday morning.  The home is located near Hwy 49 and Carr Creek. The caller said that a huge tree had fallen through a home.

Photo Credit: Michael Fuqua

Crews responded and found significant damage to the home. According to Bryan Leech, Shift Commander with the Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department, the tree knocked out the decking around the back. It actually moved the exterior wall in and compromised an exterior load bearing wall and penetrated the roof.

The tree was inside the home and about a twenty foot by twenty foot area of the roof was knocked out by the tree. All the components of the home were affected, like the electricity. There were live electric lines that were exposed and the wall that had shifted in had compromised the structural integrity of the home.

“We did a 360 assessment to the exterior and around the tree looking for other hazards such as gas lines or power lines, none of them were down but due to the rain we went ahead and contacted CEMC to pull the power because of the exposed wiring and electrical lines inside the home,” Leech said.

Two people were in the home, a mother and daughter, when the tree crashed through the roof. “They just heard a big crash and then noticed a big tree inside their living room,” Leech said.

“The daughter was upstairs just before the tree crashed through the roof and landed on the staircase. So it was a miracle that she got out of the upstairs when she did,” Leech said.

According to Leech, the family was insured and spent the night in a hotel.

“Fortunately no one was injured, the 28 year old home withstood the weight of the 100-150 year old tree well. Some newer homes may not have fared so well,” Leech said.

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